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and you know that bit in Thor when he sez...

I had to... for reasons. HAHAHA! :love:

:star: Do you wanna draw Avengers AND hear the ramblings of a madman? If so, let's do this!!

Draw an avengers pic (must have Loki or Ironman in it) and I'll write you a short fanfic about what I think is happening in the pic HAHA!
What? No I can't promise it'll be good cos I never write, but I wanna try!! XD O yea, but I wont' do girl porn, and I give preference to new pics (otherwise everyone's just gonna link heaps of old pics and I'll get whelmed)

Link me to your picture in a comment on this deviation. If there are too many I'll just do as many as I can XD :love:
:star: I'll do this until the 15th July!! :star:


speakin o fanfic here's a few ironfrost ones to check out! [link] [link]
and an excerpt from the legends about Thor crossdressing! [link]
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And that my dear friends is exactly what i saw when i watched the movie for the first time!

Love it the crowns are awsome!