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Congrats, Olympians 2010

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OK I HAD to take a break from animating to draw this HAHA! I didn't get to watch everything but the Winter Olympics was awesome, Canada, well done! :love: My heart really goes out to sportspeople,

So in the medals chart USA, Germany and Canada came 1st, 2nd and 3rd... ( [link] )
:new: OK this link makes more sense now XD [link]

And what outfits were the most delicious? The speed skating ones of course! HAHA! (even tho Japan's were the best: [link] :drool: HAHA!)

And APPARENTLY, those randy competitors chewed through over 100,000 condoms HAHAHA! -> [link] (#8: safe sex. I also heard America brought his own XD)

chars are America, Canada and Germany from Axis Power Hetalia all done in Flash
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YellowVixenHobbyist Digital Artist
*Spots Germany*
That happened... XD
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AvarooniiHobbyist Artist
Oh, Germany in that Suit....

 O _______________ O Wait, What?
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Okay someone has to do fanart of Japan in that gold speed skating outfit.
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Umiko581Hobbyist General Artist
I second that :) COOKIE FOR THAT IDEA!!
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TsutaChishioHobbyist Writer
:XD: Love how America and Germany are still panting, but Canada's like: "What? What's exhaustion?"
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why would he be exhausted, all he had to to do get to the top was switch the way he count4ed medals. He started counting overall medals which put America on top,m but changed to just Gold medals so that he could pretend to be on top lol
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Actually, it's been that way for a while, or at least since Beijing.
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InvaderEmieHobbyist Traditional Artist
go canada! ^^
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Terrific! How about one for the summer 2012 games?
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XOX-XOXHobbyist Artist
awesome!!!!!! i just got a nosebleed!
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Ninjagirl9Student General Artist
Kekekee~ I love them they're so cute! <3 I love Hetalia! :D
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pokemonsonicgirl123Hobbyist General Artist
Ice-skating is an awesome sport, you cannot deny it. =D
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Germany and America in those speed skating clothes....mmm~!!! :iconblushplz:
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i like how Canada's all like "that was tons of fun!" while Germany's being cool and all like "yeah...what a workout"
the link to the condom figure doesnt work (though i kinda wanted to know the stats :iconhurrplz:)
Good job!
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MaxusJonesHobbyist Digital Artist
germany... you look.....
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YAAAY! Go Canada! XDD :salute: :heart:
Dawww, they all look so adorable! And just like the original style too. O.o Awesome work!
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maxridefanaticHobbyist Traditional Artist
I like how Germany and America are just trying to act all cool when they're actually tired as heck and Canada's just chillin' in the middle like, "That's was fun, wasn't it, eh?"
America is Canada's underwear! (says the American who loves Canada)
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acrazyperson3698Student General Artist
I love this XDDD Especially the panting :iconpervmonkeyplz:Wh-What I-I meant was their happy expressions! Ha ha ha....
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indeed they are delicious
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This is the picture that first got me introduced to hetalia
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The-Mafias-ManiacStudent General Artist
hahah I forgot to comment on this picture

While browsing through pictures I found this...and I'd like to say thanks
because this picture was how I found out about Hetalia.
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ThisIsMyDerpFaceHobbyist General Artist
what, the fuck Heck

Is Ludwig wearing? LOL
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