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Bishie Pyramid



This took a while, HAHA! See if you can guess them all, (or just cheat and read the end of this description) XD
They're also in no particular order, except for L being at the top... and the orange-haired dude, my long time fav :P

It was fun to figure out who should be grabbing or supporting who, XD So many potential crossovers, HAHA! I wanna draw them ALL!

I should say contortion is made beautiful by :iconyuni:

And check out other people's cool Death Note animations in my animation section: [link] The first few have voices, EHEHE!! :drool:

:new: HAHA! I JUST found the inspiration to this pic: a mini Death Note pyramid I drew in Smilyimp's letter, XD ->[link]

about 1m tall, sketched, inked, gouached/watercoloured (badly), inked again and photographed in 3 parts XD

Dedicated to :iconkanisaki::icondirectorj::iconhyoutan-chan: for helping me with Hella-toes all this time :happycry: [link]

Done guessing? From top to bottom, left to right, each row:

L & Kyo - Death Note, Fruits Basket
Urahara & Hisasgi & Alucard - Bleach, Bleach, Hellsing
Hitsugaya & Near & Dante & Matt & Shunsui - Bleach, Death Note, Devil May Cry, Death Note, Bleach,
Ishida - Bleach
Raito & Renji & Byakuya & Jin - Death Note, , Bleach, Bleach, Samurai Champloo
Ukitake & Howl & Kenpachi - Bleach, Howl's Moving Castle, Bleach
Kakashi & Ichigo & Mello - Naruto, Bleach, Death Note
Black Jack & Ikkaku - Black Jack, Bleach (My sis made me put BJ in, XD)
Mugen & Spike - Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop
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I appreciate the inclusion of Black Jack.