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Avatar: Zuko the fire lord

Read FAQ 1 and 3 before asking questions!: [link]

Animated by me and :iconmonkeyjay: for :iconrahhc:'s bday! Rotoscoping involved XD Monkeyjay did the BGs too cos he's hard core, and my flash idol

Music by dimrain47 from newgrounds : [link]

Death Note to buuuuy!

:icondog-girl: made me a neko-L plushie! : [link] and she may make more if you make her an offer!
She IS gonna make and sell some sexy wristbands inspired by Gazette, (she did some prototypes at our place, eee!! They're cool :heart:)

:iconmellolover: made DN keychains, tho read her journal, she'll be away a while. They're so cute tho!

For official DN figurines check my journal :P
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doctor: you can only watch one flash video before flash dies forever.


ItsD0RA's avatar

I remember watching this as a six year old and being like, "What. the. heck. did. I. just. watch."

Pinkjazzykats's avatar

omg this is great. I love it so much and want to share it around. great work

JeticaForever's avatar

so many years ago.....and still so amusing XD

kimisaid's avatar

I still remembered watching this when it first came out. I still think it is funny to this day. Haha

yaoi61's avatar
Does anyone have the twitter? the deviantart left him abandoned
thatvillainess's avatar
Still funny after all this time!
genise092's avatar
Wow, like a decade later and here i am, still laughing
stelleo's avatar
Honestly same
Mtyugi's avatar
It has been literal YEARS since I watched this and it made me so happy to come across it again!!!  It still makes me laugh really hard each time!!! XD
night2003bat's avatar
yup.. he is my lord
MaevynGlenn's avatar
this is so funny :D cant stop coming back to it XD
GutsHasGuts's avatar
no no no no no no no no no no no no
ArtofLucien's avatar
lol i love this animation!
Zal-The-Story-Teller's avatar
One might say he is the Fire Lord... of the Dance
Caraboo900's avatar
the real reason zuko got banished XDDD
YoItsMeSofia's avatar
i swear to god this is wow
Sailorainbow99's avatar
I have no words to express how hilarious is this.
sophgoph's avatar
epitomy of human artistic achievement here
cherymoon's avatar
absolutely amazing animation. i almost thought for a second that you where one of the animators! you got every moment correct in the fighting style and the dialouge is so moving i cried 10 times! they should hire you for a voltron animator since some of the people who made the korra series works there!

quality meme btw
k0tic5's avatar
It's been years, and this is still the greatest thing I have ever seen.
RainyMoments's avatar
A decade later and I'm still waiting for the day this stops being hilarious. Truly a timeless classic.
FirstFandomFangirl's avatar
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