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December 7, 2010
Animation Tutorial Set - 1 by ~Go-Crag-Go is a great way to learn a bit about animation. Learn more about what animation is and the process of an animator at play!
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Animation Tutorial Set - 1

Finally here. This thing is truly monstrous, I'll have to split it in two some other time. Maybe even in four. I've just been informed by the 'which file' upload section that I cant submit anything larger than file was 2000x 40000. So if it's lost so much quality that its unreadable let me know and I'll do something about it.

Anyway,apologies to those who have been waiting, I know there's at least one or two out there. It still needs work but you can always just send me a note or comment here to get any information you need =)

To anyone who's just stumbled upon this little tutorial or the Animation-Group then you have before you the first of (hopefully) a larger set encompassing the many aspects of animation.

Here are the links that were referenced in the tutorial

[link] 1.

You can also check out Niall's work here - :iconcrow-feet:

I insist that you do.

[link] 2.
[link] 3.
[link] 4.
[link] 5.
[link] 6.
[link] 7.

Also here's the link to the accompanying written section that goes hand in hand with this tutorial, it being the more academic side of things - [link]

Link is copyright of Nintendo by the way


Woah. DD, cool.
Thanks to my good friend :iconsquit-head: for the suggestion, go check her out, NOW.

And :iconfantasystock: for the feature.
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GraphixS6's avatar
Very, very, very nice work. On a side note, Richard Taylor animates?!
Go-Crag-Go's avatar
Sorry, whut? don't tell me I said Richard Taylor instead of Richard Williams somewhere or is this a joke that has well and truly gone over my head?
GraphixS6's avatar
"Animator Richard Taylor once said".
Kovyx's avatar
Oh wow. I haven't yet read all of it, but from what I've managed to understand when skimming through it this is really amazing. I've always learned through observation and practice so I'm pretty much self-taught, and I've already noticed a lot of things this tutorial has mentioned (such as it's the quality of the movement that makes the animation, not the quality of each frame). It's become my dream to become an animator and make my own cartoon show, but I'm so easily discouraged it's difficult sometimes. But seeing this really helps me, makes me want to try again! ^^ Thanks! I will definitely use this advice sometime!
ellincrain's avatar
Wow wow, this is long. But I really want to learn how to animate.
I'll save this in my favorites and read it when I have time. >.<
Go-Crag-Go's avatar
If you have any questions about animation dont hesitate to ask me.
MaxWIllustration's avatar
Great tutorial, I'll definitely be trying out the ball exercise. I wanted to try some traditional animation because of the project-educate blogs, and this is the perfect way to start. Initially I thought I'd just attempt something but you've opened my eyes to how complex the process really is, so thanks for that! ^^
Go-Crag-Go's avatar
Hey, you're very welcome =)
Let me know how it goes for you. I can give some advice along the way if you want.
MaxWIllustration's avatar
I did it! :D [link]

Could you maybe take a look and give me some advice? ^^ :meow:
Go-Crag-Go's avatar
Sure thing. I just gave you a long comment with feedback on the video. I might take the video and do some edits to it if you don't mind and show you where you could have done things better and post that as a video for you to see if you'd like. I don't think I explained it with just words and there are some things that would be much easier to show visually (since animation is a visual media)
ditto9's avatar
Just came across this by chance and it's a really good tutorial - I wish I'd had something like this at first. I initially taught myself based on my instincts and it took me two years to finally get a hold of The Animator's Survival Kit - I laughed at your section about music, to be honest I always feel guilty about listening to music when animating since reading that three years ago!
Doesn't stop me though ;n;
I also love that quote about animation being actions that are drawn - it's so true! They always say animators would make great actors, and it must be true to some degree because I always sit in my chair flailing about acting out what I'm trying to animate.
I agree with the chair too LOL - my back is IN AGONY since starting my degree animation - I seriously need a new chair.
Really good tutorial c: I'm sure there's a ton of new animators out there now!
Go-Crag-Go's avatar
Ah, thanks a lot =) I appreciate that.
Looking back on the tutorial now though I think that there are plenty of problems with it. I think I might remake it (maybe as a video) to make it better. There still seems to be a fair amount of traffic on the tutorial as it is
Iron-Confederate's avatar
This is a good tutorial for a beginner animator like myself. :)
FantasyStock's avatar
:iconnewyearplz: Happy 2011!!1!!1!!
Congratulations on your Daily Deviation!! :XD: As a result, you've been featured in December 2010 Resources DDs.
AlphaDera's avatar
that is really helpful thank you but..sorry (there is aways a BNUt ^^;) have lot of info. in your head but i think it be better if you make it smaller - it will be easier too .
Go-Crag-Go's avatar
That's fair, there is a lot of information to take in. I'll probably redo this at some stage to make it smaller and more concise. =)
AlphaDera's avatar
id like to see it :)
Slinky3d's avatar
Socks and carpet while animating. I LOVE that one! :D And I suddenly realised that I do this always when I'm at home. :P
Marineneko's avatar
While graphic arts are not my forte at all, I find the subject of animation fascinating, and will definitely be coming back to read and reread this tutorial for insight on the basics. Thanks for sharing! :+fav:
Go-Crag-Go's avatar
That means a lot, thank you.
x--KCK--x's avatar
THANK YOU. This seriously just inspired to try even harder to pursue my studies of animation! :+fav:
Congrats on the DD, by the way!
Go-Crag-Go's avatar
I would say give animation a try before definitely deciding to study it. You'd be surprised how many people drop out because they don't like it. The actual process can really surprise people.

I'd say give this bouncing ball exercise a go and see what its like, I can give you feedback if you like and I can give you information on what to expect if you study animation in college too.

Just ask if you're interested.
x--KCK--x's avatar
Well, I've dabbled in it a little bit while taking this summer class on it, and I had no idea just how frustrating it is just to create a small scene. ^^; You have to be so tedious with every little detail!

I appreciate your offer! :) Once I find a reliable animating program I'll be sure to test out the bouncing ball exercise and send it to you. I'm going to need all the help I can get to pursue this career. :faint:

:rose:~Thank you!
AlleamaxyGoesPro's avatar
My eyes are bleeding from so much readinging . . . T_T should have worn glasses
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