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January 16, 2010
Blue, unique line art and a great use of colours work for me. :: you can see her heart by =go-avi is a wonderful vexel!
Featured by jussta
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:: you can see her heart

Something new. I've been doing this for few days and changing the colors for like 1000 times ;) But I like the final version, it's so colorful and bright, totally opposite this awful weather outside :/


Oh-eem-gee!! My first Daily Deviation!!!1 Thank you ^jussta so much :*****

Featured here: [link]

:music: Rihanna Russian Roulette

Take a breath, take it deep
Calm yourself, he says to me
If you play, you play for keeps
Take a gun, and count to three
I’m sweating now, moving slow
No time to think, my turn to go

And you can see my heart beating
You can see it through my chest
And I’m terrified but I’m not leaving
Know that I must must pass this test
So just pull the trigger

Say a prayer to yourself
He says close your eyes
Sometimes it helps
And then I get a scary thought
That he’s here means he’s never lost

As my life flashes before my eyes
I’m wondering will I ever see another sunrise?
So many won’t get the chance to say goodbye
But it’s too late too pick up the value of my life
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the-bumble-bee-one's avatar
I really really like it, but can I add some constructive criticism? I think it would add to it's awesomeness if you made her iris/pupil bigger. ...<3
go-avi's avatar
thank you :) every criticism is important!
I made these pupils as big as her real are :)
NeoNNerd08's avatar
Oh wow this is absolutely beautiful! I love the color you used. Congrats for the DD! :clap:
go-avi's avatar
thank you :D

& I luv your av :D
NeoNNerd08's avatar
you're most welcome and thanks! :)
DEMONxINxME's avatar
wild~~ very new style. awesome
go-avi's avatar
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thanks :D I needed them now when the weather is so gloomy and grey..
SushiFaerie's avatar
Absolutely amazing! I wish it was available as a print!
go-avi's avatar
maybe I'll make a print later :)
theofficialbucka's avatar
This bears an INCREDIBLE resemblence to Rihanna. And the colors and eyes are STUNNING!!
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MissShowJumper's avatar
Not my cup of tea, but congrats on the DD. :]
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MissShowJumper's avatar
You're most welcome. :]
lovelustetc's avatar
captured her perfectly!
go-avi's avatar
royalcoaster's avatar
such crisp colors *w* Amazing piece, and the detial is just WOW!
Congrats on your DD <3
go-avi's avatar
thank you
& thank you :D
strikeandrun's avatar
sry but I dont like it, but still concretz
go-avi's avatar
no problem ;D you don't have to xD
&thanks :)
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