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Sawyer of Lost :heart:
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one word: hot
love this man for just being real...
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anyone ever notice how he looks a little like brad pitt? but hawter?
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Gggrrrooowwwlll! Yum!
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Incredibly sexy. ;] How did you like the season premire? :]
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I think it's crazy and so 'wtf' xD but I can't wait for the explanation how it happens :D
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Haha, I know! xD You should've seen me when Sawyer came out of nowhere with a gun. I was smiling like an idiot. xD And same here, I can't wait. :]
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sawyer is too sexy
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yeah, he is :D
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This picture needs more love!
It's my new desktop background, and it's amazing. :heart:
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thank you & enjoy!
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Great wallpaper! I’m a huge fan of Lost. I included your work in my Lost wallpaper collection that can be found here: [link]
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okay :) thanks!
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yea :D Sawyer is hot. But I prefer Jack xD
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Whaaaa???? seriously??
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of course :P Jack is awesome xD
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