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L's Special Talent
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Published: April 21, 2005
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For the contest at hellatoes! To be quite honest, I had no intention of finishing this....or finishing it with effort put in either...but thanx to Mayuiki's adorable cross dressing L, a deal with zukuxi and an insane fav of sudden inspiration, I finished it. This is like, the only pic in the past six months that I'm somewhat satisfied with. Had a huge, long artist's block ><

Anyways.....L's special talent is promoting japan to us! Rather than picking something that L was directly good at or normally associated with, I picked something more symbolic. Adorable characters like L make us want to buy death note, buy merchandise of him, and visit japan and go buy doujinshi from mandarake! And since L looks sexy in everything....he looks sexy in a little japanese flag loin cloth thing too XD

...I hate how I can't draw the body, and I always avoid it because of this. So at the moment I'm trying to learn how to draw bodies properly...this was practise...

Anyways....ye, you better submit to this contest too!!! It's a deal! >0<
(is this classified as mature content? For now, I'll assume not...)
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Hey guys check out my new website www.jackalopefriv.com/
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He looks like Jacob from Twilight before he cut his hair... Wow. Sad.
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Good point but, I like Japan and hate England. And it had to be L. And L make me interested in japanese stuff not english stuff cause he was a japanese manga character. And because I can. Yay!
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Well, needless to say as an artist you can do whatever you like, and don't get me wrong, this pic is very, very hot.

But if you kind of look into the background of the story, you'll find that L is very likely based in part on Sherlock Holmes.

He's from exactly the same place in England that Holmes was from and personality-wise there are clear similarities.

I actually have a huge thing for English guys so to me the concept of L being English is incredibly hot.
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Fair enough, I apologise for not catering to your English tastes and being incorrect in my portrayal of L :P
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chill, I never meant to imply you were somehow supposed to cater to my tastes, English or not...
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Gangsta-JStudent Traditional Artist
*ultra nosebleed*
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:thumb17471776:YA GO L
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MystressCyanideStudent General Artist
mmmm....now I know that is waiting in Japan...damn if I had money I would be there already...oh well :drool:
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Aww, it's cute... although I fear the loincloth, forgive me. >__<
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*squealing from the embarassment* This is great! *laughing* XD Hee heee!! HAHAA!! XD

I would comment more on the body figure, my children are in my presence! ...(Okay, an immature thirteen year old boy. XD)
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yuzukko Traditional Artist
woohoo!!! WaHAHAHAHA *drools*all the best fer the contest :nod: i think the bodys pretty a-ok XD
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FriederikeHobbyist General Artist
is like a manga cover *.* L niiisama!!!
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WHOOOOA!!! HAWT!!!! I can... IMAGINE his penis! YAY!
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awww he is so adorable he looks a bit cold tho ^^
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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! :drool::drool: I'll KILL you!!!! He looks so hot!@!!@!@! And damn you maed his body hot and the colouring is really nice and he has longer hair,. ehehe! Sexy, :P He can represent .. things, ANYday!! :drool::drool:
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haha, he looks like a jungle boy of japan, haha! His hair was longer than this in the original...I totally didn't notice he had long hair until now! It's not like I used a reference pic...was just sitting in the lecture theatre drawing...haha, you could say his long hair was inspired by that pic you did for our doujinshi and they both look older and they're whacking each other off like in the greek vases....that was a hot hot L XD
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That WAS a hot pic.. and I only say that cos it was an accident, XD :drool: jungle boy of Japan.. and DAMN!! You should always doodle random pix in lectures, the one you did in today's was SOOOOOOOO cute! You drew em both real well!! :drool:
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MayuikiHobbyist Digital Artist
U WIN!!!
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Shut up man! Your ADORABLE cross-dessing L wins by a mile!

<3 <3 <3
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MayuikiHobbyist Digital Artist
no ur sexy L kills mine! i mean hes almost naked!!! ::nosebleeds:: xD
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<3!!!!!! *loves L* yay!!!! He's so cute >w< !!!! That you say it's true... I would like to have merchandising of Death Note T_T (here is so difficult to find it U_u)
I think you made a great work on the anatomy :3
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