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Down -Chapter One
   It's a long drive to Hell and I've got a song stuck in my head. I don't know the lyrics but the melody is clear. The keys of a piano churn out notes in patterns of fours, fives and sixes, transitioning every few bars. It sounds cluttered but intriguing, and I feel like someone should be singing. Like I know this song but I just can't recall where I've heard it before. A distant memory, lost on some dusty shelf in the back of my mind——just out of reach.
   I glance outside the tinted, dirty window adjacent to me in the escort's car. Everything outside looks grey. It shouldn't. It's a bright, cloudless June day——but that's not how it looks. Maybe it's the window. Maybe it's my mind. Maybe the world just lost its colour. I don't know. I don't care. It's grey outside and grey in here and everything's just fucking grey.
   It's getting hard to stay calm. In truth, I
:icongo-a-green-a:Go-a-Green-a 3 4
Upon the day of breaking,
the sky shattered and leaked
drops of darkened blood
from its fractures.
The clouds hung heavy,
draped over dusty canopies,
churned to mud
with their tears.
The leaves could not hold on
to soaked, weakened branches,
instead they slipped
and blended with the graves.
And the people,
soaked in red,
hands clasped together,
tight, but breaking away.
Falling down
into the earth,
they sink in
and they blend.
The animals shall feast,
the skies bleed,
memories blur,
the trees stand still.
And the blood and sweat
and tears stain the fields,
and their weapons left to rust
and the blood feeds the plants.
Feeds the light
feeds the life
feeds the world.
And it goes on.
The vultures come at night.
:icongo-a-green-a:Go-a-Green-a 2 4
The Deep
Oh what a dreary day for the Deep,
such a steep, steep hill they must climb.
Tell me now, shall we charge them a fine,
shall they pay for the time
they spend thinking?
So petty to analyze, to tear apart our Earth
why can't they see that we gave birth
to something special?
The days pass them by,
they are depressed asking; "Why,
Why am I here?"
My dear,
can't you see?
You are simply here to be,
Nothing more.
Oh how desperate are the Deep
searching for their sleep.
When We wear it like a vest,
tied around us, warm and calm
lay content in summer balm.
They treat the world like happiness
and pain must always coexist
and that someone must be there
past what's right and wrong and fair
to act as filter.
Oh how foolish are the Deep
never happy with what they keep.
What they throw away's worth more.
But money's nothing, love is more,
this they do implore; we must accept.
Ah, here they come
with the pounding of the drum,
here they are come to see
no one but me.
Come to make me agree
with th
:icongo-a-green-a:Go-a-Green-a 3 5
The River Black
While I walked alone
across the river,
my mind bled into song.
The currents fed
my thoughts with notes
and my body sung along.
Such a lonely path
across the river,
such a somber step to take,
I wonder if I'll find
It here
I wonder what I'll make.
A martyr is a lonely soul,
perhaps I'm best forgotten,
for in the years past the time,
beyond the distant sun
We are Dust and I am Rotten.
Shall I make it to the ocean?
Shall I cross the plains of fear?
Shall I stare blindly at the Sun
or will the Moon draw near?
The fire was
lit years ago,
it is time it must recede.
The fire gave Us inner light
but only devoured Me.
Such a somber path
across the river
walking on the glass
my feet are bare
and stained with blood,
the current will not pass.
Dare I tie
my own hands back?
Dare I raise the knife?
For I could move it
with a thought
and I could end the strife.
But on I go,
across the river,
the endless river Black.
My blood soaks in
not to be seen
and my Image just stares back.
:icongo-a-green-a:Go-a-Green-a 1 1
Stupid Hands.... (V2) by Go-a-Green-a Stupid Hands.... (V2) :icongo-a-green-a:Go-a-Green-a 12 13 Dragon Design by Go-a-Green-a Dragon Design :icongo-a-green-a:Go-a-Green-a 3 9
What is Life?
What is life?
Fire light,
a question asked,
a layered mask
of fear and thought and love,
of the dove
the one that flies
asking whys
as it glides on broken wings.
Oh, he sings,
and it rings
and it lingers in the air
past the fair
golden hair of a lion.
And he's cryin'
and he's livin' for the kill
and the spill,
of the blood.
A bleeding flood
seeping down
past the frown
upon the face
of a women dressed in lace,
of the chase of the land
in the sand
leaping, dying all
a rusty red.
In my head,
oh the light
in the eyes of the life
always fight for the everlasting will,
makes no sence, take the pill
brings a sail of golden hope
to be crushed, washed with soap,
clean and dead.
Oh the river's full of lead,
dark and flowing
poison glowing,
specked with gold
in the mold
sold for life
but worth nothing, strife
is what it brings.
And still he sings!
The broken dove
who brings love,
and tears away
another day
we will die
and leap through the sky
to an abyss,
to the mist.
to the lost and th
:icongo-a-green-a:Go-a-Green-a 7 2
I need help
alone in the dark
with the bodies all around me,
the rotting, tortured corpses
of my subconscious.
I'm sorry
for the words
for idiocy spoken
for all the things lost,
all the things gone.
Fire burns inside me,
it wrenches
and it claws
at the fragmented final sentence
of sanity I hold.
I need help
I am lost
please... I can't see,
it's dark and dank and meaningless
there's no point to be.
I am gone
past the pit
of lost, forgotten thoughts,
of tortured souls and corpses
of cities left to rot.
Behind a window,
here I am
in a world that's not my own.
I am nothing,
just an image
of what I'm supposed to be.
And somewhere far away,
past the reality of today,
I'm locked in a room,
tied to a chair,
of torture.
Thus is my sentence.
Thus is my fate.
And I face it
Please help....
:icongo-a-green-a:Go-a-Green-a 4 2
I'm wandering to find the path,
looking for something I cannot find-
-for nothing
-for everything.
I'm lost and I can't find,
I cannot find my way
in this maze of thought,
of wonder,
of dreams
of delay.
I'm sinking,
I'm falling,
I've gone too far down
in the pit that leads to nowhere
in the abyss
of smothered light.
I have gone,
I just can't see
past the sorrow,
past the fear,
in the final dying breath,
the faded light,
the silent song.
Help me
I am lost
and I'll never find the light.
Where've you gone?
I cannot see...
I'm too far away.
Not close enough,
not free enough,
I just can't find the way,
the path back to life,
the drifting music's say.
Where are you?
Can you find me?
I am lost.
I am blind.
I've been left behind.
And who would see?
Who would be
concerned for a soul
such as me?
Who would look
for such a mind
lost and tethered
I can't find you anymore,
I'm gone,
sunken deep.
I'm lost
so far away,
so far away...
and who's to say
if I can be found?
:icongo-a-green-a:Go-a-Green-a 8 3
The skies are set on fire
in the passion and desire,
the roads are blocked with fear.
Let me hear-
let me hear!
The birds call out my name-
oh please, do not refrain.
The birds call out my name
in the mist.
Oh the list-
list of places, list of thought,
list of all that's left to rot.
I can see past the flight
through the feathers at the fight.
I can see past the fight
of the land.
Oh I can't stand,
I can't stand!
I fall to the floor
no more, no more!
I can't see past the blaze
a fire haze
a hidden maze
of fear.
Oh dear,
oh my dear,
It's in the skies!
All the whys!
All the eyes on my soul.
They eat me whole,
they split my mind
and I find-
I find the fall.
Oh it all,
all most go,
don't you know
how it must be?
Must be free....
Because the skies are set on fire,
the passion, the desire
to end! to end it all!
End the fall
of the light,
of the fight,
of the life,
of the strife...
I've had enough,
I am done.
Watch it burn,
watch them turn,
watch them fight
for the life!
For the nothi
:icongo-a-green-a:Go-a-Green-a 5 4
The Artisan Knight
Here I am, the gallant knight,
trapped in a room where I cannot fight.
Here I am silent and still,
gazing out the windowsill.
I paint the world outside my cell
dragons and demons fight as well
as the battles raging in my head
the harrowing feeling that I might be dead.
I let my brush sweep the skies,
I build a world full of whys.
Dizzily, I speckle stars
and give new life to planet Mars.
But footsteps break me from my page,
I pace inside the mental cage,
my mind is melting with my brush
its colours dulled, no longer lush.
I hear them calling out my name
but I must paint just one more frame,
dripping down across the sheet,
I let the colour stain my feet.
One with art and art has won,
I'm done, dear god, at last I'm done.
I cannot take the pain much more,
the voice who screams, my mind so sore.
So here I am, the gallant knight,
who has long since lost his final fight.
Here I am, my mind a flood,
painting pretty pictures with blood.
:icongo-a-green-a:Go-a-Green-a 7 2
The Real Life
When will life be better than dreams?
When will I truly live,
truly feel,
truly embrace
what was meant to be.
When will I find the place I belong?
The place I was meant to go.
It's not here,
that I know,
It's not here in this world,
not here in the light,
it's there-
there, in the dream.
When will I feel like a person?
Like a human of this world,
like I know who I am,
where I am.
I am here-
In the dream,
I must go,
go and finally live.
When will I find my world?
For this just isn't it.
I don't belong!
Get me out!
Every path leads nowhere.
Get me gone,
off this world,
the world I do not belong.
For I am never on the ground,
always in the clouds,
I feel like I
should be able to fly
but there are no wings
on my back.
Help me!
Living here- it hurts,
it hurts me so.
I need to go, need to be-
to finally be free.
When will the world feel right?
When will it be real?
For this is not my life,
and I should not be here.
Help me please,
out there,
But I am loosing hope...
:icongo-a-green-a:Go-a-Green-a 2 0
The End
I dream of decay
as they laugh
as they laugh!
Burning at the way
at the calamity they say,
burning in the heart
of the art
of the start
of the world.
I sighed a lonely road
in my mind
there I find
In my mind
it's free.
Let me be
in the road
in the street
come to meet
sells the meat
burning into ash,
brings the rash,
he has come.
Black dots on your face
Come to stay!
Come to feast
come to kill.
I must fight,
End them all
before the fall,
end it all
He whispers in my ear
tells me not to fear
not to fear
the sigh.
The why,
the question-
question why.
He tells me not to fall
like the others
like they will
oh, they will,
they will spill
they will spill!
Blood on the walk.
So I must end it
got the gun
got the run
I will run
I will face
face the race
I will call
to the one
who has come,
who has come!
He will end
around the bend
it will end
as it should
as it should
ending for good.
Digging with the knife
takes my life!
Shut them up
make it stop
make it drop
voices in my
:icongo-a-green-a:Go-a-Green-a 1 6
Looming in the shadow of the knife
I know that the time is right
to slit away the pain and tears,
to leave this world without fears.
The anguish lies behind the bend,
the ones I left, my fallen friend,
the failure I have felt for long,
the whispered voices singing songs.
I swore to myself I would not break
but I clawed my soul and sealed my fate,
my broken body and battered mind
is all I left, all they'll find.
I failed, I failed, I could not help
too young, too stupid, a wretched whelp,
I cried alone inside the dark,
I wandered in the solemn spark
of regret and hatred, all I knew,
myself I hated and loved too few.
The note I laid beside my bed,
I left the house dressed in red.
No more pain in letting go
it's right, so right, it's all I know.
The world is better off this way
for I did nothing anyway.
Pointless, all this world will go
and I'll be gone before you know.
The end, the end of my song,
my voice will break, my limbs once strong
will crumple, collapse all quite soon,
eyes stare
:icongo-a-green-a:Go-a-Green-a 2 0
The lick and the lap,
the touch of the flames
burning bright,
they hide remains.
To death, it comes,
my friend who hums
alone, in the dark.
Within the shadows,
there they hide,
deep amid the gentle ride,
the sky above
the silver dove,
it burns as well,
there is no hell.
The cloud, the cloud,
the golden hum.
The dream, the dream
the pounding drum
past the pain
in fire rain
to come again
Oh please, refrain.
Whisper, whisper,
there she tastes,
the fire comes in solemn grace
Drenched and wet
but still it burns
it trips the grass,
and frees the ferns.
The sky is still
the windowsill
sits alone
and cries.
Oh, wise,
wise friend,
you are,
and always,
Oh, guise,
disguise, my friend
he hasn't got a face
not a trace
of his lie
in the race.
Too late-
too late,
the date has been pressed.
gone forever
shutter closed,
wrapped in the wings of crows.
:icongo-a-green-a:Go-a-Green-a 1 4
In My Head
It's dark.
It's dark and there's trails,
trails I have to follow,
trails made of blood.
Footprints in the pool,
in the red,
in my head.
I can see them,
no more faces
just a blur,
just a thought
and it's gone.
The sky is black,
not blue,
and not grey.
It's black and it taunts,
it laughs
at the fray.
I can see,
see a face
broken glass,
cut and slashed.
I can see
open eyes
that are glazed.
Feel the heart
taste the blood
it's a flood,
flood the mind
in my head
'till it's dead
see it now
hear a cry,
then it's gone.
There in my head
in my head
until it's dead,
until it's dead
it's there in my head
until it screams.
:icongo-a-green-a:Go-a-Green-a 1 8


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only by night." -Edgar Allen Poe

I am a wolf trapped in the body of a human. Just so you know.

I write most of the time but I will post drawings too. Currently I'm too busy to post much but I'll be less busy soon. (Hopefully)

"I'm nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there's a pair of us--don't tell!
They'd banish us, you know.

How dreary to be somebody!
How public, like a frog
To tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!"
-Emily Dickenson


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