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Tiny Inklings - Black rose dragon

Ah, it does me so much good to finally paint a monster again!

Entirely colured ink as usual.
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Looks like a slavic dragon with the heads and all. Cool palette btw, love your work
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thanks so much! I had actually never heard of slavic dragons - pretty interesting that they have their own specific interpretation.
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Yeah so like Zmeii Gorynych has three heads and a bird's wings, others - don't really know. That's pretty much the staple. They are chaotic neutral instead of chaotic evil like with Western dragons, too
Gnulia's avatar
Ah, that's cool. I'm totally in favour of non-evil monsters :>
roxya1's avatar
I love their faces and expression and I love the color purple you chose!
Gnulia's avatar
Thank you! Yes, this colour came out lovely. I custom mixed it especially for tose dragons.
ThreeThousandFish's avatar
I love the perspective of this work. The intertwining tails among the thorny thicket and, of course, the smirking glares of the dragon create in me a genuine feeling of unease and a desire to run away.
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Thanks a lot! It's wonderful to hear that it creates such a strong atmosphere for you!
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Your control of those inks is amazing. How?!
Gnulia's avatar
Haha, thanks! Erm, practise?
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I don't even know what to say. Shape, color, gradients. Breathtaking really.
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Aw, thanks! It's one of my favourite Inklings up to now as well.
lylie-foak's avatar
I love the way you've drawn their spines.
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GuephRen's avatar
Fantastic Beast and How to Ink them.

Wonderful work! Your Maned Wolves are also very cute by the way.
Gnulia's avatar
Thank you! Yes, that'll probably be written on my tombstone :D
MaggiefromSpace's avatar
Beautiful! I love the gradient along the tails.
Gnulia's avatar
Thank you! I'm also very pleased with how this gradient worked out :)
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