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I have a Patreon

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I am on Patreon now! If you'd like to support my work, this is the place to go. The page is very much dedicated to one Super Secret Project I've been working on for a whole year now and which will hopefully launch to the world by the end of 2019. If you're curious about what exactly this ominous project is and want to get exclusive insights even now, or if you just like my work as an indie artist in general and would like to support it, do have a look. Even as a non-patron, you'll find some early sketches from the Super Secret Project over there. I'm so excited about all of this :>
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New online shop

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Visit the online shop If you like my Junicorn or Recipe with no Animal series or are just genereally interested in my type of illustration, have a peek at the newly set up online shop and find a poster, card, book, sticker, bookmark or other fancy thing that delights you. It's still provisional, but I promise it'll become a grown-up shop one day :)
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Your art is BEAUTIFUL! Here, have a llama and a watch! :nod:

Hey there! I love the way you do color and shapes, your art's incredible! Have a great day!

Thank you, very kind <3

You're welcome, take care!

You definitely impressed me with your gouache and ink works! I was believing they were digital, until I read their descriptions and hashtags. They're just stunning to look at, with the vibrance of the shades and a remarkable aesthetic, which I'm sure to call it a style! All the lineless, the color schemes, everything has a truly solid look, making each piece a joy to stare at. Congrats for all the amazing work! Keep on arting your best!! :clap: :la:

This is a wonderful comment to read, thank you very much! I'm really happy you enjoy my work this much ;> Best of luck with your own art!

You're very welcome! You've earned it with your amazing art! And thank you very much, I wish you the same! Thumbs Up :clap: