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The Gaming Multiverse

By Gnorcteen
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It's over.
It's done.
My greatest work, and last of its kind (from me).


An impossible concept for any game system out there, but nonetheless, I have brought together more game universes than ever before. I'm sure it's pretty safe to say that this is truly a Gaming Multiverse.

What started as simply Super Smash Bros. Universe, cleaned up and expanded into The Gaming Universe, has now finally reached this last stage in its evolution. I can't thank any of you guys enough for supporting me along the way through this hell hole. Now I can get other pieces done with a clean conscience.


NONE of these characters / artworks are mine. All characters are owned by their respective companies, and all (but 1) renders are owned by their respective artists. Basically, don't ask me to make any renders, as I have no talent in that department.

This being the case, unless this shows up in some kind of art-pulling program by some random chance, do not use this artwork.

This masterpiece is not for profit nor glory, but rather to show how far gaming has come since the mid 1970's (and to an extent, the talent a video game fanbase has in terms of illustration).


To everyone I've thanked before, I thank you immensely again for the help you've provided me in getting this done. You are all true brothers and sisters, and I am proud to call you people companions.


I will NOT help people find certain characters in the crowd, as that will...:
1: ... ruin the whole "Where's Waldo Effect".
2: ... take a long time for me personally, as I don't remember where absolutely everyone is.


This pic will not have "DLC". No more characters will be added.


Because the description for DA submissions has a size limit (never would've guessed), I have compiled the character list right over
---> HERE! <---


Please Note: This render of the image is 90% the original, and in jpeg format. If you think your computer can handle the full size in png format, message me, and I will link you to the original. However, it will have to be downloaded, as dropbox cannot generate a preview of such a picture.


GG, everyone, GG.
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will you ever update this photo? put more games and etc, or this is your last picture of Multiverse of games

this is my favorite photo without a doubt. I love your job

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Well I can forget finding Waldo in this crowd.

With your permission, is it alright if I used this for a potential series? Talent like this needs to be appreciated. And I for one am not letting pure genius go overlooked.

Gnorcteen's avatar
i only threw the pic together. the individual renders are like only .1% owned by me. i decline

Thank you. I understand. But still, I think art like this needs to be recognized you know? I think dozens of designers should take note. But I see a lot of potential for this.

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if i wasnt lazy and actually took the time to credit every artist involved by name, then maybe my answer would be different. while this may be the most impressive thing ive uploaded, im very much ashamed of it.

I don't find this ashaming whatsoever. You're a talented artist. Don't beat yourself up on that.

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Hey, I've got a question. What app did you use to make this image? I've been thinking about perhaps making a similar image, though if I can't find the app used to make this, I wouldn't be able to do that.
ShadeTheNarwhal2's avatar

Never mind, didn't see it in the Image Details under the description. Oof.

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Found Zael and Calista, glad i now know of the last story.
Fuschia1600's avatar
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Heya ! Do you have an updated version of this with more recent characters (Kirby Star Allies, Deltarune, Hiveswap, SSBU etc) please ? That is an amazing work right there and I see it took you years to complete it ! 
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"This pic will not have 'DLC'. No more characters will be added."
At least... Not yet.
Gnorcteen's avatar
no, as in im still archiving character but will never update this pic again
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*cant see bass* where is bass
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Is Midna in there?
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Hey, the site says that a downloadable version of this picture no longer exists. Got any clue what happened?
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ya need to message me to link you to it. i dont want something that can potentially crash a browser to just be lying around in the description
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Eh, I don't really need to see it. I was just curious.
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A lot of characters I see, such a brilliant job. 
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I can only imagine this took about 750 years to do.
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