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Super Smash Bros. Universe

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Name is not patented by anyone, so that is what I shall call this artwork.



In the depths of space, travelling at unimaginable speeds on a set course through the universe is flat surface known as “Final Destination”. This vessel serves as a fortress for the judgment of multiple plains of existence known only as “The Realms”; these plains however have not yet achieved life. Four deities, the guardians of these realms, their duties are to create and sustain life for each reality. The Deity of Knowledge is a calm and collected little creature made of a powerful metal; his mind is surpassed by no other being, and he possesses numerous psychic abilities; he is the Deity: “Clippy”. The Deity of Power is a fierce creature made up of various unknown purple crystals into the form of a giant floating head; with the blink of an eye he can set fire to oceans, strike lightning in deserts of cloudless skies, and much more; he is the Deity: “Polygon Man”. The remaining two, the Deities of Balance, are two giant, ghost-like gloved hands both with opposite personalities to each other; one prefers to remain calm and create, while the other can become eccentric and destroy; nevertheless, they both act only with the other’s approval, and keep each other from causing unintended chaos; these two are the Deities: “Master Hand & Crazy Hand”.

The four guardians are spawns of an ancient relic known as “The First Pong” that would soon enough be fabled throughout the Realms. Its energy is what keeps the Deities in power while simultaneously keeping the Realms from falling into peril. However, the order would not last for too much longer. At one point completely unbeknownst to each of the guardians, the Pong and its power had vanished from within Final Destination’s core, derailing its set path throughout the cosmos. As the Deities grew weak and aware, they began to accuse each other of being the thief of the Pong. Their bickering raged on for what seemed ages until one-by-one they each collapsed onto the surface of the platform. Unable to move from sheer exhaustion and lack of power, the Realms began changing; each had begun merging into one another and expanding, forming one large realm; the individual locations and landmarks themselves shifted as to not overlap, and yet remain true to their environments; finally, due to the lack of restraint held by the four deities, life had begun in this vast new reality. However, the universe lacked one key element; death itself.

As the Realms were incomplete, the ability to die from unnatural causes, such as gunshots and burning, was never fully-implemented; instead, one who may die would be converted into an immobile state. Gray, lifeless, indestructible, and bound to a circular platform at the feet, these lifeless beings are known only as “Trophies”. One can be freed from such a state however; if a mobile lifeform were to touch the platform, or “Trophy Stand” in any way, the Trophy would be freed with full health.

And that is how this realm obtained its name “The World of Trophies”.

In this world there are heroes, and there are villains. One-by-one, each villain has fallen, but what if… what if one evil were to conspire with another evil? What will happen to a hero after that? Nothing more can be said accept for that each hero is going to be in for the battle of their lives.


So there you have it, my greatest piece of art is complete! Every worthy video game character I could think of is in here; ranging from well-known characters such as Commander Shepard and Mega Man, to more obscure ones such as Marina Liteyears and Gex.

Hope you all think highly of it.


All characters are owned by their respective companies.


OUTDATED: The superior image is right HERE!
Double OUTDATED: i learned that the Turok series started as a comic in the 60's. the pic wont be deleted, but do indeed look down on it a little now.

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