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so with Jack Frost appearing in neither Joker's moveset nor the Mementos stage, only thing holding up Erdrick/Brave left is the datamine. honestly hope it still comes true tho. one reason being that Dragon Quest is a HUGE franchise, especially back in its early days on Nintendo systems. it would be a wise move adding representation from that franchise into SSBU.
Shantae 5 (working title) is announced! gonna be a good year for indie titles
so Cuphead's hitting Switch, eh? my patience has paid off. thank you kindly, Microsoft.
While many people understandably see ports of games as a lack of creativity, I see it as a way to play games that you may have missed out on, especially if they were good games on a dying system. Enter the transition from Wii U to Switch. Many good games were ported from the former after it inevitably went downhill. While I do prefer new games to show their faces, there are some games I would love to see brought over to Nintendo's current titan of a system, whether from Wii U or another previous console. I don't necessarily want to buy all of these games, but I feel they would do better on Switch. Now I'm going to try and keep this list within the time range of GameCube at earliest to Wii U at latest, but there may be some games from further back.

- New Super Mario Bros. (line) - The port of New Super Mario Bros. U is indeed superior to the original, but can we have the other 3 games with upped graphics? Sure, NSMB2 was a piss easy and lesser game (to the point of the game over screen counting as an easter egg), but it wouldn't feel right if it were left out. This could also pave the way for a 5th game in the line, which I would not mind one bit.

- Super Mario 3D World - Easily one of, if not THE best 3D platformer on the Wii U. I never had the motivation to play it, despite it coming with the system; was too busy with SSB4 and Super Mario Maker. I'd be willing to give this game a shot if brought to Switch.

- Luigi's Mansion 1 & 2 - I know the first Luigi's Mansion JUST got a port the the 3DS, but having these games on the Switch would prepare one for the 3rd game that's coming out later this year. Afraid of no map on a bottom screen? Put it on the main screen in a lower corner.

- Donkey Kong Country Returns - If you haven't guessed by now, DKC is my absolute favorite video game series. I've beaten them all (except for DK64) and loved every single one. While Returns was sort of branded as a black sheep since the removal of Kremlings in favor of Tikis, it still had a lot of heart. It also had plenty of musical throwbacks like Aquatic Ambience and Mine Cart Madness. It would be a day 1 buy if brought over.

- The Legend of Zelda (franchise) - This may seem bigger than I mean, but there are only 5 games I'd like to see brought over. Twilight Princess and The Wind Waker are the 2 obvious choices. Skyward Sword would be a nice comeback if they removed the required motion controls and offered a less mobile option of play. Then there are Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Imagine the Grezzo (3DS) versions of these masterpieces upscaled model and texture wise to fit the Switch's greater capabilities. The image in my head tells me it would be gorgeous.
If these five games joined Breath of the Wild, Hyrule Warriors, and Link's (Re)Awakening, the Switch would have the most Zelda games on a Nintendo system in history (if you don't count the virtual console).

- Metroid Prime Trilogy - You knew this would be here, given all of the rumors. With the 4th game way off in the distance but still incoming, it would be a smart move to allow people to get up to speed first before entering a brand new domain of game.

- Yoshi's Woolly World - Another game I regretfully missed out on. The game looks charming as fuck and just so "Yoshi". If the 3DS version was brought over with at least the Wii U's graphics, it would be my 2nd chance to try this ungodly cute platformer.

- Kirby's Return to Dreamland (line) - Star Allies was a good game, but I prefered its 3 predecessors better. While I have already beaten all 3, I would happily invest again if they brought them to Switch with Star Allies's level of texture. Don't know if I'd pay $60 for each, though.

- F-Zero GX - If you don't want to give us a new F-Zero, Miyamoto, at least port the masterpiece that is F-Zero GX. You don't even need to up the graphics in any way.

- Tokyo Mirage Sessions: #FE - While not as popular as either Fire Emblem or Shin Megami Tensei/Persona, the game was still good. Just sort of flew under the radar before it was released.

- Kid Icarus: Uprising - I know Sakurai said he was done with the series, even with porting it, but who's to say he's the only one that can do so? This marvelous game would benefit greatly on the modern system, and would do even better if there were a twin stick control option. Would motivate me to actually play the game after the 3DS's controls for it spooked me.

- Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 - The games were gold and would make even more gold if ported to Switch.

- Sonic Colors - It was one of the few good games of then-modern Sonic. Unfortunately, that's my only argument.

- Pikmin (series) - I don't really want to play any of these, but Pikmin has a decent enough following to not go unloved. If Pikmin 4 really does happen, the 3 main games would at least sate the mass appetite for more in the series.

- Punch-Out!! (Wii) - The modernization of the Famicom/NES classic was hit enough to warrant Little Mac's inclusion in Super Smash Bros. It was silly action that got you to work up a sweat as you continued through it.

- Xenoblade Chronicles 1 & X - The series never caught my attention, but I have yet to see someone show any complaints about it. While 2 is easily the current definitive game, 1 and X had their share of impressiveness as well.

- The Wonderful 101 - Again, no interest, but there seems to be plenty of demand.

- No More Heroes 1 & 2 - SUDA51 blessed us with Travis Strikes Again, and seems to be developing a true 3rd game in the series. Can we perhaps be gotten up to speed with this masterpiece of a franchise?

- Devil's Third - Somewhat panned, but I see it as underrated. The game was good and I'd be willing to buy it this time, since I didn't own it when I first tried it.

- Mighty No. 9 - YES, I am for this game getting ported, but ONLY if Comcept and Deep Silver fix what they broke during this game's development. Plus, infamy can sell in terms of video games.

Those were all games that happened on Nintendo systems, but there are a couple that never hit any that I would still like to see ported.

- Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) - This game is ironically fun. I want this game to glitch on my Switch (not damage it in any way, but still).

- Sonic Generations - Like Colors, it was one of few good then-modern Sonic games.

- Spyro: Reignited Trilogy - COME ON, ACTIVISION! I know a Switch version exists, so stop teasing my dick!

While game ports are mostly made to sell more copies of an existing title, they also open up fresh eyes to impressive games that still have some life in them. New games are great, but a port can easily go a long way if done right.
I've never been called out on this at all, and although I am thankful for that, I still feel guilt. Why? I've used so many renders that don't belong to me in my latest masterpiece, 'The Gaming Multiverse'. I both want and not want to take it down for the sole reason of justification. On smaller pics, I've given proper credit and such, listing off the artist names and hyperlinking their pages. With The Gaming Multiverse tho, there are far too many for me to keep track of.

In the future, every single element that I do not own will have their artist credited, when I cannot get my hands on an official render. I just can't do that to the art community anymore. People work especially hard, whether for hobby or income. As an aspiring graphic designer, I have brought shame onto the community. Don't be like me.


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Smash Bros. all the way!
Fuck Kingdom Hearts!


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Happy birthday
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Hey, Gnorc. I've got a bit of a thing I wanna ask here. I'm using the name of your Gaming Multiverse picture for a gaming crossover game idea I'm doing.

So, I was wondering, A. If that was okay with you, and B. If you could help me come up with characters for the roster.

It can be any folks ya want, hero, villain, Indie, as long as it's not someone from the franchises I'm already using (Mario, Sonic, Street Fighter, Shantae, Kirby, Final Fantasy, and Nier.)

And hey, get this: In your honor, I'm completely excluding Kingdom Hearts! That's pretty sweet, eh?
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i really couldnt care less. as for helping select characters? pass.
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you offered. i declined. simple as that.
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Woah, guess that explains the holdup. Don't let that slow you down or get you discouraged, though. You just gotta go through it and enjoy the relief on the other side.
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