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Me as Judy Hopps
Nick Wilde by :icontimfowl: 
Dawn Bellwether by
Photo also by :icontimfowl: 
May 2016

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this is................... very disturbing..............................
*waaaaaaaahahahahaha* So fluffy! XD So cute!
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Hehe! Too cute! The hair action thingy! heehee!

Judy's expression is spot on!
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Thank you +)
This is awesome! how did you make the vest thingy?? 
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Thank u! 
Oh, I'll try to translate it correctly. kaomoji set 1 7/19 
I've made pattern of the vest based on Muller's pattern of the top. For the first layer I've used blue costume fabric. Then, I made second layer (of the same pattern) from izolon (I don't know correct name of this material in English, sorry) and the third layer from interlining (inside). Then I used iron and after that stitched on all layers on the sewing machine. Straps (6 pcs) also was made from costume fabric with interlining. They are fixed with the west parts on both sides of the Velcro.
I have some photos of the process, if you interested. So, feel free to contact via notes (pm), I'll send you it.
Love everything about this cosplay! I am in the process of making my own Zootopia cosplays for my family. Did you make the Nick Wilde shirt?
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No, I didn't ._. 
Actually that part in the movie where Nick fondled Bellwether kind of gave me the creeps
Very cute. Love it
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These are FANTASTIC!!! I especially love the ears, did you make them yourself?
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Thank you =) I've bought ears on taobao, because it was cheaper, than make it by myself. Really XD
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Omg didn't know this was a thing
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I love cosplay images, especially ones involving Zootopia.
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