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Kai la

By Gneiss-chert
Today is the birthday of :icontheartisticpony: s oc Kai from her novel in the works known as The Everwhite Angel! Check her out she is super sweet and fun to talk to!

Happy Birthday Kai!!! Agar la   

Since I still can't draw I did this for you! Hope you like her!

Kai Kitrell and The Everwhite Angel© :icontheartisticpony: .  All rights reserved. Her work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without her written permission. Her work does not belong to the public domain.
Art © :icongneiss-chert: 
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© 2014 - 2021 Gneiss-chert
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and hey its my name! can i use this on my paeg? it cute :)
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Ah yes you do have Kai in your name!  

This Kai is a white fox and a character in a novel series by TheArtisticPony, so she belongs to her.  Sure you may use as long as you don't abuse Kai Kitrell. ^.^ In comments though she is a free to use emote. =) Thank you kindly for asking!
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Kai: Yes please don't abuse me!
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i like the cups. its cool they are like hands.
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HAHA they are hands actually! Although I could see Kai holding tea cups as her book title acronym is TEA "The Everwhite Angel" ^.^
Oh, that was a nice birthday present! :) I like how you've positioned the hair.
Great idea with making this since you couldn't draw! 
Miral as a la, that would be great! xD 
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Thank you much! 

Yes I had to do something!

Neck and all is getting better slowly, I was actually able to doodle a bit yesterday then my lats and triceps decided they had enough.  Trying to fix this is a PITA!

HAHA! Well now that I have a human done why not! XD
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I wonder who is next?!
How about that Dilos?! :iconohyouplz:
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HAHA Miral would be funny.

OH Dilos that would be one grumpy la! XD 

They are easy enough to do! I should work on them! 
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OH only if you like! I think a Dilos would be a thumbs down and with a frowny face. :iconohyeaplz:
I hope your beginning to feel better and are up to drawing again pretty soon! :)
Gneiss-chert's avatar
HAHA! Yes exactly! You know I should make a Dilos to play with Souless! They would probably get along! XD poor Wok! hmmm what class though...

I am! It's a battle but Im on it! I might be able to draw a little at a time now as long as I take lots of breaks.  
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Hmm, it would be a REALLY grumpy party. :p
Wok hasn't moved from 32 in a while so I am going to see if I can catch up with Souless. If not for me then for everyone who saw that picture last night. :iconwinkwinkplz:
Sorcerrer, Nightblade, we don't have Dragonknight or Templar. You do what you like but you don't need to. I don' think DTNC's character wants to catch up but he is a templar.

Remember to keep on it! And remind me anytime you need to stop on ESO.
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HAHA! Thousands of thousands of people saw that picture!

Ah yes I was talking about another dragonknight.  As redundant as that is for me they are fun.  I could do Sara but we need a tank too she is a caster type.  XD Sara = Explosive anger! Although I suppose I could dual gear her.

I think rping Dilos would just make everyone angry! He is very callous and judgmental! XD

Galena would make a good templar somewhere.   HAHA she is motherly so she would keep after souless.  They didn't have yellow for the feathers though buggers!

Yes I shall! I did pretty good yesterday until night with voo then I could feel my back aching...must get up and stretch! X(
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I still have this odd thought in my mind, that Souless will be with Wok and someone will run up to  us and say: "HEY! Your that grumpy guy right?!"

Dragonknight doesn't need to be a specific either. You could be a heavy armor melee sorcerrer or a light armor dragonknight with spells. :p New Spellcrafting system would help even more with that!

That is true. But Talos wouldn't right?
Just so you know, your going to get a few comments on that. :iconhehplz:…

OH Galena, that would be odd. Does she have resilience to abrupt comments or rude responses?:iconstudmuffinplz:

You aren't the only one that needs to stretch now!! 
*Nessie wakes up, rubs his head, and in his haste to get out of bed he forgets his injury and falls over off the bed.*
Gneiss-chert's avatar
ROFL!!!! It could happen!!!!

True but a sorc tank is harder to do well at this point none of my other characters fit a tank class other than Talos.  Dragonknight is a lot of fire so it works for Talos and Sara.

Yes he wold not, Talos is a good guy.
LOL Talos like being mistaken for a god! Maybe that is why that Nord was staring at me!!!

LOL it would! Souless would be more irritated with her than Agar! Yes she has to deal with Dilos and Agar but she wont stand for it!

OH yes poor Nessie!!!

Justin shot out of his bead with the loud thud.  "Nessrean! Are you All right?!"  He looks down at Nessrean with a worried gaze.
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YES and its not yet done! XD
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Haha, nice! ^^

Kai looks great in your style btw :D
Gneiss-chert's avatar
Kai la Thank you!!!

Oh does she! =3 Thanks!!!
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I love you Michele! THANK YOU SO MUCH! She is so cute! Now I have my own Kai la plz! SO HAPPY!

She is so happy tooooo! thank you!
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AWWW you're welcome my bestest friend!! Kai you're welcome too!

now Kai an Agar can la together loL!! Kai la Agar la  
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