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Legend Of Zelda : A Hero's Nap

Hehe, here's Link of Oracles of time. Wanted to make him older but but didn't fit the oracles style so made him chibi lah. So how is it? :D
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I love ! It's like painting !
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Even hero's need to take a break once in a while! ^-^
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How kawaii. <3
GPK1987's avatar
Kool picture!
MomosArts's avatar
It looks very cool. I like the smooth shading.
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MelanthaTatsuya's avatar
I love it!!!! He's adorable!!!! <333333
Chaoz116482's avatar
wow thats realy good! ^^
totocroft's avatar
I like Legend of Zelda
PigMasterOra's avatar
Wow, I wish I could draw like that.
Yasao's avatar
I remember that I found this picture long ago on google and loved it. I'm glad I finally found you - the amazing artist, to tell you how much I love this picture! It's wonderful :heart:
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Finally. Something great for the Oracle Series. Great work. =P
nintendogamer15's avatar
thats just plain great keep up the good work
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I just realized...where's his gear?
Gaara-Sephiroth's avatar
This is really cute! ^_^
TrainRoxplz's avatar
hes so adorable!^^ Rawt! <3
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Stupid of me that i accidently skipped the part where the tree says you have to go X|

i'm now stuck in the game XD But anyway, it lookes pretty good!
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