FUN FACT I fractured my leg yesterday morning (long story, sums up to that I am dumb). It's nothing serious (I've been dumb for a long time) but my normal schedule got thrown off a little bit.

In positive news, I finally received the i7 reunion limited edition box set, so I'm obsessively watching that while I'm not supposed to be moving around. It's nice to have a medical reason for sitting around.

Commissions are still on track since my desk allows me to sit the way that I need to, so this won't be delaying any of them!!

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By glyfy
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How has your leg been doing?

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Doing much better now! I've been able to move around recently without any issues, and my doctor said that my latest x-rays came back good~

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That's great to hear!

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The i7? Fun fact. The fractured leg? NOT FUN FACT.

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I'm involved with i7 a lot more frequently than I'm breaking things