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HelloooOoOoOoOOOOo ~ Nice to meet ya' ! o/

Current Residence: France
Favourite genre of music: J-music
Favourite style of art: Traditional
Favourite cartoon character: Fujiwara no Mokou and Marisa Kirisame(Touhou), Waka (Okami). (it's too hard to choose 8D)
Personal Quote: Hur, lol. :troll:
Hello guys !

GlwadysChan in that place~ some bad dudes (uuuh, shame on you. 8D) forced me to post my drawings here. Wuuuh, I'm (a little) scared, but if you want to comment my drawings, don't hesitate ! I want to progress, so comments are welcome.
Well, I'm bad in english, so so do not pay attention to it. TwT    

So, little presentation ?

Real name : Glwadys
Age :  currently 16.
Nickname : Glwad', Gladou, Chan, Tartine, Glowing.
Style of video games : mainly Zelda, Okami/OkamiDen, Prof Layton, Portal (need Portal 2 ! *cry*) and Touhou Project <3.
Style of Drawing : Fan art from Vidéo games or animes, gags, original characters.

I'll do my best to update my gallery. o/

... Nothing else to say yet. 8D *runs away*



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Orin-nyan Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist
Glwadooouuuuu <3
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Happy Birthday!! I miss you! Hope you come back soon.
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Happy Bathday to you~♪ ♫
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zoyeux zanniversaire!
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Tagguée! ~ [link]
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Voilà, t'as été taguée ~~

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