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June Task 1 Explorers

June Task 1 Explorers

"Fun" in Subseed Forest

"So this is Subseed Forest ?" John, Max and some other Pokemon from the Explorer Guild were standing in front of the massive forest, in which they were supposed to find the entry to an unexplored dungeon.
Team Phoenix was supposed to be in command of this mission, while Team Troubeld Waters, consistings of Shawn the Dewott and Nauxis the Natu, and Team Dragonsong, made up of Makira the Riolu and Renira the Charmander, were supporting them.
"This place is huge, it will take ages to search the whole place and I'm sure that we'll get lost in there while looking for the entry. Any ideas what we should do ?" the group was mostly clueless but Nauxis had a good plan.
"The best thing will be to split up. Shawn and me will take one path while John and Team Dragonsong will take the other and Max will fly over the forest so no one gets lost.
John can send smoke signals if any thing goes wrong, any questions ?" no one protested so they followed the Natus plan.
"Ok girls, we should be carefull, there are supposed to be some hostile pokemon in this forest..." John was interrupted by Renira, who only told him annoyed :
"Come on old man, this is gonna be easy, so stop talking nonsense." Johns mouth nearly hit the ground due to his shock.
He wasn't even an real adult himself and this girls already saw him as a old man, his selt-esteem was crushed.
Max only chuckeld over his partners problems before he went up in the air, flying over the forest.

Some time later

"Shawn, Nauxis have you guys found anything until now ?" Max approached the two pokemon from above, while they stopped and turned towards him.
"No Max, nothing until now, this place a real mace and I'm afraid that this could take some time.
Have you recived any signals from your partner and girls until now ?" Nauxis words made the Pidgey smirk, he was sure that John would "enjoy" his time with girls and that he would need some psychologicall treatment afterwards.
"No nothing but I'm sure that they will be ok."

On Johns route

"Arrrghh !!! Fire pokemon want to burn our forest, run away as fast as you can !" a old Butterfree-lady had completly freaked out the moment she had spotted Renira and John, so the Chameleon tried to calm her down.
"Please young lady, we don't mean to harm you or anyone in this forest we are just looking for something."
The Butterfree blushed about Johns compliment , while the girls started to break down laughing.
"Oh such a nice gentleman, I had no idea. I'm sure one of my friends will be able to help you young gentleman, please come with me." the old lady now pulled John with her , while the girls had now got a hold of themself and left John alone, while sreaming after him :
"Have much fun with your new girlfriend old man !"

Half an hour later

"Hmm we must have taken the wrong route Makira, we have cheeked dozens of stumps and none of them was the entrance, we should signalice the Pidgey that theres nothing here." Renira was annoyed by this boring mission, but Makira brought up a good point why it would be hard to even find back.
"The problem is that we can't contact Max, the old man was supposed to do that. I'm afraid  we're lost here."
"This suckk aaaahhhhh!" Renira couldn't finish here complainments, as the ground beneath then suddenly give in, releaving a trap hole in which they fell.
"We got them, we got te inruders. Now non stop Leech seeds my friends." it was the Phantumbs they had been warned about , which now danced over the hole and attacked the girls with one Leech seed after another, slowly drowning their energy.
"No one enters our forest unpunished." the ghosts mocked the girls, as one of them was suddenly hit by a Poison Sting, as a group of elderly Butterfrees and Beedrills, who chased them away, while John appeared a the edge of the pit, throwing a String Shot rope at them, so that they could leave the pit.
"What the hell happend here old man ?" the girls were suprised by the fact that John had come with reinforcement.
"Oh this young gentleman had been so charming to and my friends, that we decided to lead him to the Dungeon entrance you are looking for. Then we noticed those punks and decided to give them a lesson." the old Butterfree-lady explained to them, before they kept on following the path.
"It's hard to believe that your little flirt with the old bugs really proved to be useful." Renira still taunted the older Charmeleon, but Johns brain had finally decided to simply ignore it, so he only answerd ,"Yes, sometimes simply beeng nice to people can help alot." and kept on following the Butterfree-ladies.
It only took them a few minutes to reach the location where the entrance was supposed to be.
" All we now is that that the entrance is in one of this stumps around here. I'm really sorry that we can't tell you more." the Butterfree told him, but John only replied smiling :
"No problem my friends, this is more than we could have expected from you and inspecting a few tree stumps is no problem."
The Bug-pokemon now left the Explorers and went back for there home, while John, Renira and Makira started to look for the entrance.
It didn't take them long before the Charmeleon found a big, empty stump, in which stairs were hidden which led to the dungeon, so it was time to tell the others.

Near the dungeon entrance

"Shwan, Nauxis, there is a smoke signal, John has found the dungeon, its right in front of you !" Max screamed as he spotted his partners signal.
They had found it.

June Task 1 done
June Explorer Task 1 by Team Phoenix

Cameos by :

Shawn and Nauxis
Makira and Renira

+ 1 Apricorn Ocarina

Edit : I now described how John found the entrance ^^
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Hey, apologies that this took so long to get to. It's alright that John got help from an NPC in finding the dungeon entrance, but you should still depict your team actively locating or examining the entrance themselves, since that's the requirement for the task. A simple paragraph would do the trick. You've got a week from now to add it if you want the reward. Once you change it, delete and resubmit the task on the atlas (but DON'T remove it from the group) and you'll be good. Sorry for the trouble, and best of luck!