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I simply exude enthusiasm.
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The above image is by Vienna Dußk. :iconroosekrautshire: <--- This girl right here

I have no talent.
I have no life.
I have no shame.
But I do have a conscience.
I have no idea what I am getting at here.

At this point in time I am mainly composed of five different people (excluding family): myself and four friends. One friend taught me religion. I taught myself hatred. Then another friend taught me happiness and laughter, and the ability to see beauty in all things. The next friend taught me individuality-- true ability to express oneself, regardless of what others think, and the other friend taught me about love.

Not all of them are in my life anymore, at least not in a major way, and a few were only in it for a very brief amount of time; however, they are the ones who shaped the good part of me today, and this is my tribute to them.

Favourite Visual Artist
Miyazaki, Alfons Mucha, Vienna Dußk, Phobs, Vladimir Kush, Klimt, Edmund Dulac
Favourite Movies
The Fall, The Labyrinth, everything Darren Aronofsky or Kubrick, Metropolis, Sabrina, the Matrix, Blade Runner, V for Vendetta, A Streetcar Named Desire, Salome's Last Dance, Sabrina, Donnie Darko, Cabaret, Velvet Goldmine, the Silence of the Lambs
Favourite TV Shows
BBC Sherlock, the Twilight Zone
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Muse, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Katiejane Garside, Bauhaus, MSI, psychedelic rock in general, Clint Mansell, Hans Zimmer, Erik Satie, Debussy, Prokofiev, David Bowie, Shostakovich, Mahler
Favourite Books
1984, The Picture of Dorian Gray, the Giver, As I Lay Dying, Dracula, Sphere, the Idiot, Stargirl, the Neverending Story, Bar Code Tattoo, Lord of the Flies, The Catcher in the Rye, Hamlet, a Clockwork Orange
Favourite Writers
William Faulkner, Oscar Wilde, Dostoevsky, Jonathan Safran Foer, Ted Hughes, Hans Christian Anderson, George Orwell, Ray Bradbury, Shel Silverstein
Favourite Games
Mind games
Tools of the Trade
watercolor, pencil, photoshop

Hey you.

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Hi. You are more interesting than anything I can write here right now. Trust me.
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I'm sure that an extremely small proportion of people will read or even look at this journal, but this is a topic that I never see addressed, and hopefully somebody who needs to see it gets access to it. Misophonia: "literally 'hatred of sound', is a form of decreased sound tolerance, also known as Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome or 4S" Ever feel irrationally angry at people who are chewing, sniffing, coughing, breathing incorrectly, and other such sounds? Do repetitive movements send you into a fit of rage? You're not alone. I thought I, for the most part, was alone, up until a few days ago when I stumbled upon misophonia. For the lon
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1.) Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4. "'Yes', says he. 2.) Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What can you reach? A beanie baby parrot I "got" for my mom with her own money when I was a little kid because she liked it so much. Hey, it was a surprise. 3.) What is the last thing you watched on TV? Last Movie: Dracula with horrible acting. Last thing on TV: Last episode of Sherlock Last thing on actual TV: the news 4.) Without looking guess what time it is? 8:34 p.m. 5.) Now look at the clock. What is the actual time? 8:24 p.m. Ha! I had no idea. 6.) With the exception of the computer, what ca
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