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It's Key To The Red Door Time!

Here's my entry for the Summer Love Contest organized by :iconfrollofans4ever:

The first theme is internet memes and Frollo so I took the "It's Goofy Time!" meme that I mixed with the "Continuation of the Key to the Red Door" chapter.

I took inspiration from this illustration by Nicolas Eustache Maurin for the background of the cell :…

"It's Goofy Time!" on Know Your Meme :…


Claude Frollo, Esmeralda and Djali © Victor Hugo
The Parking Lot Is Full © Jack McLaren and Pat Spacek
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We really must think alike or something, because my partner and I had similar idea for this scene a couple years ago. it's just SUITING this situation soooooo well that it's hard to do not think of "It's Goofy time!" meme.

Great job! I love this!
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I know  I already commented on "It's Key to the Red Door Time!", but it makes me smile whenever I think about this piece--it's such an iconic, and yet obscure part of the book and the way you drew it is gold. Thank you once again for drawing this! ^^
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Oooh that's so sweet :love: thank you very much :hug: I was actually planning to draw a silly illustration like this one about the "The Utility of Windows which open on the River" for saturday 29th march, I'm not sure if I will base it on a internet meme but I will definitively post something on Ananke day :p Hope you will like it as much as this one :)
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^^ : D :hug: Ooh wow, I don't really remember that chapter, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for "The Utility of windows which open on the river". : D I'm sure it will be great! ^^ When is Ananke day? 
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Ananke day is on the 29th march. This chapter is about Frollo stabbing Phoebus at la Falourdel (and kissing Esmeralda by the way), I can't wait to trivialise another iconic part of this book :p
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Thank you for telling me which day is Ananke day. : D I'll celebrate it. : D Ooh wow, I remembered that he had stabbed Phoebus, but I forgot that he kissed Esmeralda. oO Leave it to an alchemist to be so brash. : ) I can't wait to see your trivialization! ^^
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It's ALWAYS Key to the Red Door time.
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:iconfrollorapefaceplz::iconsaysplz:ALWAYS indeed.
What have you done! I'll be laughing till night )))
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epic hon, just epic, love it
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o.o...uhuhhuhuhuuh, XD
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:rofl: freaking hilarious!
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I love your design of Claude, he's so adorable and gray. ^^ LOL at Esmeralda and Djali. This drawing is full of win! ^^
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Crying with laughter, this is perfect!!!
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[This is absolutely fantastic!!! Pure win, my dear!! :rofl:]
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:rofl: Oh, this is hilarious, love it! :D
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