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Temple creek


YCH for Nodgefalec  as a gift for Darius-kei
Thank you ! :rose:

Hope you like it! ♥

Programs: Photoshop cs5 

Don't copy, edit, repost or distribute! Only Darius-kei  and Nodgefalec can use this!
Art © GlowingSpirit / Me
Zarudos © 
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It's so thrilling and magnificent to see your work, this is very gorgeous! <3 The temple is and environment is sooo realistic (the photos are a nice choice) and where its all placed fits the picture, i think a mix of pics and drawn stuff would help blend them both, just seems separated, that's all i critiqued but the ideal of this is still the best :D Your dragons are far the stunning in flight, really well done, plus capturing the motion of taking off is wonderful! 

Splendid work as always! <3
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Just awesome! :dummy:
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I really like the composition and color setting. Although I think you should tone down the photobash a little bit. The the high contrast and texture is very distracting from the painted parts, like the dragon. Maybe paint on top of the photos a little more to make it blend in more?
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Oh yes, thanks for the constructive critique! I will definitely blend it more next time or maybe edit this one if I find time :) 
I appreciate constructive comments like yours! 
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I'd i to me or is your background look realistic? :)
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Love the contrast of color between the background and the dragon, I can imagine being there to see it!
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Epic and gorgeous artwork, as always, you make some of the most stunning dragon artworks. I love how magnificent you drew this dragon, using this inflight pose and the fantastic anatomy. The way you did the background is brilliant, great use of those photos to create it.
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Absolutely beautiful work with all the textures and detail! Your work with the backgrounds is stunning, really inspiring, AGAIN :'D :thumbsup::thumbsup:
The dragon looks majestic, i really love the colouring <3 Realistic shading and lighting there too c: I also love the pose and perspective.
as always, beautiful beautiful work :iconcatsmileplz:
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