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Very lare birthday gift for SkySpiritDragon! :hug:
Thank you so much for being my friend over these past years! ;o;
Well, I wanted to draw a postcard/scene, and I've been inspired by Commissionsbyj 's art style!
Take a look at her gallery, she's amazing! :heart:
Also, I've added a hanging feather to Ja'Nir's horn cause I felt it fitted his design. Afterall he has always  reminded me of native americans! Sooo, he's in a teepee made of colorful towels. ;o; idk if that make makes sense! Oh, and the blurred thingies are dreamcatchers! c:

Hope you like it! ♥

Programs: Photoshop cs5 - Paint tool Sai

Don't copy, edit, repost or distribute! Only SkySpiritDragon can use this!
Art © GlowingSpirit / Me
Ja'Nir © SkySpiritDragon
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Dreamcatchers? Well I like my dreams so I would prefer it if you didn't catch them. Just let them roam.

I have not been commenting on your skill as an artist have I? Great work! I love the lighting, the shading, and the beautiful curtains. All were done most lovingly. 
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Thank you again! :D
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Oh wow!! thsi is a 10 out of hsgdfhjladjk;lhsliajsdhf;lgk WHO NoES WAT!?! XD The view point is such a lovely outlook you've done ^^ I swear this bright outlook makes it much Wonderful and brings alot of beauty to this piece, anatomy of Ja'nir makes much more real and the highlights on the light point. you've surprised me well with this beauty!~<3
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So glad I've surprised you! c8 that was my goal, surprising the watcher! :D Thank you! <:
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And you've already done it!!
Anytime!! X3
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And surprising me :D :hug:
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Wow this is beautiful Gs :D I really love the color tone along with the background <3333
  You are improving each day ^w^
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Aw thank you! ;o;
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You're very welcome! :-)
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WOMG!!! That's an epic and awesome looking drawing of him. I adore the job that you did with him, he looks powerful and maginficent, a great combination that I like a lot. I think that something that I like a lot about your art is the fact that you always put a lot of details in it. Gorgeous job with sunset light, it adds the perfect touch to the drawing, the same goes with that awesome background full of curtains.
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Thank you! I'm honored c: 
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This is gorgeous, as always. Thank you for being such a wonderful artist. :aww:
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You're welcome! C:
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