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Seems like I make an entry about once a year, post-conventions.
Ah well, skip it.

Anime North!
May 22 - 24, at the Toronto Congress Centre near the airport! If you're in the area around then, come swing by and have a look-see. :D  I'll be chilling in the Comic Market with [Keon], drawing people in space suits and magical girl outfits (perhaps the two, COMBINED?). I may or may not have a totally sweet (or completely terrible) space suit on myself. I am only mildly capable when it comes to sewing, so I guess we'll find out.

Until then, I am warming up for the con by trying to churn out one drawing a day (or thereabouts... as I still work full-time and oh god why was everyone I know born in the spring, so many birthdays). I've recently decided to try playing with watercolour, and may do my colour commissions at AN with watercolour this year.
 The prismacolour magical girls were a hit last year, but I feel like some of them weren't as good as they could have been.

 The handful of paintings I've done in the past week or so look pretty decent, despite my not having touched watercolours in a decade or two. I'm still not doing a good job scanning them though.
 Still! I expect to have lots of samples when AN rolls around. It'll be a good time. :D
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Submitted on
April 22, 2015