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Anime North was a good time this year, but we've definitely decided that next year we are finding a way to finance a hotel room, because wow, transit is packed.
True, we could have taken the Martingrove bus to Kipling, but I kept forgetting where the stop was so we just shrugged and took the Malton bus, like EVERYONE ELSE. D:

Aside from that though, it was great.
We only made it to one panel this year, sadly, a Digital Prepress presentation by some girls - though AN lost their presentation and they had to wing it, they did a good job of it and we had a fun time.
Made me contemplate doing black&white comics... but... but i looooove colour. :(

Thanks to everyone who stopped by! We'll be at FanEx this year, all four days of it D:  
And will have more things.
Tummy-shaped ones.
  • Reading: Going through all the manga we picked up at AN
  • Playing: Plants vs Zombies
  • Eating: Leftover pizza.
  • Drinking: WATAH!
GlowingMember Featured By Owner May 31, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Welp, FanEx is four days long this year :D in August

Seriously though, we do plan on organizing some small gathering in our area - but preferably not until I've found a house to settle into. The one-bedroom apartment isn't really the best place to host any sort of anything short of a one-night party. And I can't do it during a con when we have a table because we'll be out the door at eight in the morning every day.
LPHogan Featured By Owner May 31, 2011
Keep going to the conventions!
One day I hope to get by too, I've already decided Canadaland shall be my next port of visit!
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May 30, 2011