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1 character, simple/no background: $20
 - each additional person: $10
Madoka Black and White by GlowingMember  Scarlet Black and White by GlowingMember INKTOBER 10: Bleh by GlowingMember

1 character, simple/no background: $45
- each additional person: $20

Battle Lover Scarlet by GlowingMember  Madoka Colour by GlowingMember  Magical Girl Hollow Ichigo by GlowingMember  Redraw: Phil in Fancy Dress, colour by GlowingMember

Magical Girl Tomoe Mami by GlowingMember  Magical Girl Courtney/Kyoko (finished) by GlowingMember  Magical Girl  Cure Marine by GlowingMember  Magical Girl Groundskeeper Willie by GlowingMember  One Punch Wonder by GlowingMember  Spacegirl from April 28 by GlowingMember

Most samples taken from my most popular request:

Of course, I do draw other requests. You do not need to be a magical girl. Magical girls are just awesome and I love drawing them.

Send me a Note here on deviantart, or [see my Tumblr post for deets], with a description of what you would like.

In my reply I will include a price and information about payment, as well as a general idea of how long it should take me to complete the piece.
Seems like I make an entry about once a year, post-conventions.
Ah well, skip it.

Anime North!
May 22 - 24, at the Toronto Congress Centre near the airport! If you're in the area around then, come swing by and have a look-see. :D  I'll be chilling in the Comic Market with [Keon], drawing people in space suits and magical girl outfits (perhaps the two, COMBINED?). I may or may not have a totally sweet (or completely terrible) space suit on myself. I am only mildly capable when it comes to sewing, so I guess we'll find out.

Until then, I am warming up for the con by trying to churn out one drawing a day (or thereabouts... as I still work full-time and oh god why was everyone I know born in the spring, so many birthdays). I've recently decided to try playing with watercolour, and may do my colour commissions at AN with watercolour this year.
 The prismacolour magical girls were a hit last year, but I feel like some of them weren't as good as they could have been.

 The handful of paintings I've done in the past week or so look pretty decent, despite my not having touched watercolours in a decade or two. I'm still not doing a good job scanning them though.
 Still! I expect to have lots of samples when AN rolls around. It'll be a good time. :D
Bit of a belated entry, as I was sick all week immediately after the con!

The manho and I went to Anime North this year, and I decided I'd try my hand at commissions, since it seems like a fun way to add some sales to the table - especially since for one reason or another we weren't as prepared for the con as we wanted to be (too much planning and not enough action.. story of my life).
So we put up a hastily-drawn poster entitled "COMMISSIONS: YOU AS A MAGICAL GIRL" and waited to see who would be interested.

We were not expecting just how many of you thought this was a great idea!
I literally spent the entire convention drawing (according to Tavis I ate an egg mcmuffin and half a ham sandwich on Saturday between 7:30AM and 9PM), and although I didn't get a chance to get up and look around at the con, I don't think I've ever had so much fun at a con before. Lots of people wanted to be drawn in big fancy floofy dresses and I had a lot of fun drawing them. I even had a few left over and had to mail them out this week.

So thank you to everyone who came by, even if you were only looking.

I think I will open up a Magical Girl (and et cetera) commissions section here on deviantart once I get my paypal sorted out again. So keep your eyes open!
I've been in a drawing slump for the past few months, for various reasons - such as my complete frustration with Pimpette as the online story exists, and issues with keeping jobs (temping can be fun... but not for very long).

I've been doing some pen scribbles here and there, and had one fun bit where I got a D&D character fully drawn and coloured... but aside from those I haven't done much of any real drawing since I dropped Pimpette just before Christmas.

Recently though I've started slowly solving all my various problems (including work, which was a huge one), but was unable to shove myself back into drawing regularly.

Then Tav and I found the 30 Days of Art Improvement Challenge on tumblr and I figured, hey, why not.
I'm only two days in, a bit premature to be celebrating anything, but I thought I'd post an update on where I was at with life.

I've also been just super busy since June - between family gatherings and a wedding (not mine, ha) and yoga and baseball and D&D commitments I've barely had time to just stop for a moment. I'm having fun but I really can't wait for winter to return and the insanity to end.

PS. Also candy is nearly impossible to make in the summer - especially Toronto summers which are sticky and miserable. Bleah.
Anime North was a good time this year, but we've definitely decided that next year we are finding a way to finance a hotel room, because wow, transit is packed.
True, we could have taken the Martingrove bus to Kipling, but I kept forgetting where the stop was so we just shrugged and took the Malton bus, like EVERYONE ELSE. D:

Aside from that though, it was great.
We only made it to one panel this year, sadly, a Digital Prepress presentation by some girls - though AN lost their presentation and they had to wing it, they did a good job of it and we had a fun time.
Made me contemplate doing black&white comics... but... but i looooove colour. :(

Thanks to everyone who stopped by! We'll be at FanEx this year, all four days of it D:  
And will have more things.
Tummy-shaped ones.
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So there's a Free Sketch doodad going around dA I hear.
One person posts a journal entry and hands out free sketches to people who in turn have to do the same thing et cetera..

A single free sketch to the first ten people to comment here.
Though by "sketch" I mean "lazy lineart drawing, possibly coloured with crayolas if I feel like it."  You pick the subject matter and I will take the idea and leap out a window with it and then send you the result.

Totally stolen from :iconwhirledlygoodz:

FREE SKETCH 1: Sierra for :iconwhirledlygoodz:

9 Remain!
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Pretty sure I did this a few years ago, but art now > art then.

So... it is what it sounds like.
Art for moneys!  Not going overboard for a first round, this is basically me wanting to practice drawing other people's ideas. Left to my own devices I draw a lot of women. Which is fine but... yeah, variety.


One Character, Simple Background

Black & White: $5
Full-colour:   $10

Each additional character add $2

Work Samples:
Flame & Silence (B&W)
Sailor Pimp (B&W)
Vodskof (Colour, Simple BG)

PM me with any questions, etc.  :)
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So, Redeye crashed again with no warning whatsoever, will not boot up and is generally being difficult.

Cue a week with no computer.

Cue me going batshit using the manho's computer, banging my head against the wall, and finally deciding to buy myself a sweet new laptop - which I had previously been considering but couldn't justify.

...cue photoshop refusing to install properly.

However, I'm off to Keon's to buffer some comics and do stuffs artwise, and when I get home I'm going to wrestle my scanner into submission.

Wish me good luck!
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So I worked out a schedule whereby I update each of my comics on a regular basis - I think I mentioned this in my last post. We're starting out at every other week for Pimpette and Shenanigan (alternating), and once a month randomly for Pumbum. Not very ambitious, but, baby steps. It would help if I didn't have a fulltime job (ten hours per shift yey =/ ), but what can you do.

I'm considering starting to do some commissions - it'd be good practice for me to get into drawing regularly, as well as learning to draw some different things.
Wouldn't be too expensive; I don't plan on doing much more than quick one-character drawings, b&w/colour, maybe vague backgrounds.

Say $5 for any single character (B&W) with a simple background,
$10 for the same, but with colour.
Add $2 for each additional character stuck into the picture.

My portfolio and gallery could use some spicing up, and it would be fun. :3
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Man I love conventions.
I never sell a lot of shit, but I always enjoy myself.

Went and found :icondesfunk: and :iconvespan: - hilariously, sitting next to each other once again. Two birds with one stone much? XD  Though Ryan's table was really Suzanne's table, but hey.  Also ran into Zenny again. One of the best parts of conventions is running into random people all the time.
I should really socialize more - next year I'll try to get more sleep in advance (blargh jaw issues and work, keeping me up).

Did some little doodles and a couple of comics while sitting around; conventions always give me a renewed zest for drawing, and I've already got an update on Pimpette, plus one more for next week. Planned out a new update schedule with Keon, and this one isn't anywhere close to hard, I shouldn't have trouble sticking to it.

Anyway, I'll hop around posting the doodles I scribbled out while sitting around, plus the new Turkish print that I nearly sold out of.

Cheers, and can't wait until next year!
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If you came home and found a devWatch from me and have no idea who I am... I'm the chick with the bag covered in buttons and the Dinosaur Comics tshirt (A wizard has turned you into a whale. Is this awesome <y/n> ?)! :D

I vanished around five but did squeeze in three hours of entertainment, so hurrah.
Posted the few pictures I actually took here:…

Got to High Park about quarter to two, realized just how damn big the park is, and had no idea where anyone was going to be. Sooo I sat on a park bench with a comic right beside the map and decided to wait until I saw other lost-looking people.
Which I did shortly, and between the five of us we made it through the park to a clearing in front of the cafe where everyone was actually meeting.

Stood around awkwardly for a while remembering why I don't usually go to these things by myself, but everyone was so friendly I eventually found some hilarious people to cling to..
:iconpillow--chan: :iconlera-star: :iconrubyjacks:

Made some cracks about being on a field trip while $spyed and $Heidi led us to the giant maple leaf for some pictures, and had fun sticking together as a group and just generally hanging out for the afternoon.

I'd do it again :D
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Another convention come and gone. Sold out of Mr Grumples pins pretty quick - had to give a girl the last one from the display itself. Good times!

Saw some neat cosplayers, saw some creepy cosplayers, sold some stuff, got to see desfunk, and did a commission for a guy who'll be DJing at next year's AN.
Going to be scanning some of the scribbles I did while sitting at the table - and uploading a photo of what I drew for Mr DJ.

Also pumped for Fan Expo at the end of August. Going to choose a small handful of designs to make shirts of, we'll see how well those do. We'll have some new models, more comics/minicomics, lots of funky prints, and at least twice as many buttons as I've got now.
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Oh snap, AN is just over a week away!
Still a bit grumpy that I can't have my keychains (or my new bleach shirts) with me, but ah well. There's still August, ha!

Tav and I will be hanging out at table C14, selling more buttons and prints and probably covering the surface of the table with index cards of doodles in sharpie.

Hopefully going to have a few more minicomics ready for next weekend - Pimpette as well as Pumbum, and maybe a Shenanigan one too that I can sell along with the actual Shenanigan comic book. Fingers crossed, my bags&boards get here through the mail in time!

Went to TCAF this past weekend, saw Dinosaur Comics and Octopus Pie and, randomly, DAR. And quite a few other comics which Keon assures me are popular.
Apparently I don't get out enough even on the internet to know what's what D:
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  • Drinking: JUUUUICE

laurelVISION will be rocking the Fan Expo this year... AT LAST!
I'll have Shenanigan books, and I plan to have books for both Pumbum and Pimpette as well.
Not to mention buttons, stickers, prints, minicomics, keychains, figurines, shirts, and whatever else I can throw together by August.

I'm all excited now.
And long story short I finally have money to buy some more RAM for poor ol' Redeye McFly, my beloved PC. I've been running on 512mB for years... just ordered a couple of 1-gig sticks, so I can be FLYING in photoshop. Poor Redeye just don't run like he used to.

I'll be on this high for a couple days.
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Applied for and got a table for Anime North this year. Round two, here we go.

This year they've split the Artist Alley into two parts - one section for Crafters and one for two-dimensional media. So, you can sell prints and books, or you can sell keychains and earrings and figurines... but not both.

Le sigh.
So Tavis and I will be in the Comic Market, with the same bookmarks, prints, buttons, and stickers as last year - plus new ones of course. There'll also be a pile of Shenanigan books (if Comixpress ever mails them to me), and hopefully some Pumbum books too.

More news as it comes!
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Well, same old goals as before: update things.

I've come up with a schedule for myself and my handful of comics though, and we'll see how long I can hold myself to it.
Mondays: Pimpette & Associates
Wednesdays: Pumbum
Fridays: Shenanigan

While I would love to keep myself at a once-a-week update schedule, I know once every two weeks is more likely to happen. Three comics; man, I have a problem.

So far P&A has updated twice (today and New Year's Day), and Pumbum once (New Year's Day).
Pumbum's due for an update day after tomorrow so I'm going to try and sit down to finish it.

Convention season is just around the corner; I figure if I hop back into regular updates now, I can rebuild my meagre fanbase and maybe even meet one fan at a convention this year.
That would make my day.

I picked up a starter kit today for casting resin. Sculpey is awesome but it is ceramic(ish) and tends to chip easily... I was in Curry's today and decided to give the casting stuff a try. If nothing else, I have some fun and I'm out forty bucks. But if it turns out awesome then I've got easy-to-build models to churn out for conventions this year, ones that (hopefully) won't be quite so fragile.
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Summer 1991 - July 21st 2008

She will be missed.


I'm gloating to everyone.
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Overall it went pretty well  (by this I mean I am ignoring the fact that I spent a few hours Friday afternoon swearing at both the TTC and Tavis - poor guy  (i love you don't kill me D: ) ).
Due to a handful of events, Keon didn't get his table space, but as he didn't have anything done I suppose it turned out okay.
I did make up a couple things for him in case he did get the table (some bookmarks, stickers, and free business cards). People loved the business cards, they vanished fast. I'll put the design up later.

Things that sold:
- toaster cat / thermos cat / teapot cat  magnets and stickers
- Feed Me buttons
- Mr Grumples buttons (amazingly)
- Turkish stickers and magnets
- Buttercat posters

People loved the two My Little Pony ripoffs, but nobody bought any. Ah well.
I'm going to put up a bunch of the designs and stuff that I made on devArt over the next few days. I think most of it sold simply because I was selling stuff cheaper than most people in Artist Alley. Quite a few people commented on it - but hey, I didn't put as much effort into most of my stuff that other people had. If I'd made something totally awesome that had taken me hours and hours and hours to finish, then sure. But most of my stuff was just art I already had lying around, stuff that I'd scribbled for fun and that didn't take a longass time to make.
So whatever.
A few people liked the Pumbum minicomic. I didn't finish the P&A one I had started, unfortunately, but hey! for next time.

There's a con in Oshawa at the end of June. I haven't decided yet if I want to get a table there. We do have bills to pay, and I spend more on a con than I tend to make so far.

We'll see.
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