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    How long has it been? A month? A year? A decade? It felt like a whole lifetime had passed but in truth it's only been a week. A week since the expedition. A week since he slept. A week since the death of his squad. A week since he's seen the one person he grew to love. Since then they have captured the female titan and was now in custody of the Scouting Regimen but, that didn't make him feel any better. He wanted her to suffer a painful death. He wanted her to feel pain and have her on her knees begging for mercy. He didn't want her to be stuck in that crystallized form without having to pay for all the deaths she caused.  

    Ever since that day in the forest he became even colder than usual. He was harsher on his punishments and trained everyone until they practically passed out from exhaustion. Even though he saw the dead bodies of his squad he failed to believe that you were dead. For some reason your body hadn't shown up. It was because of this that he believed you were still alive somewhere beyond the walls trying to make your way back to HQ. He wanted to stay behind and search for you but Erwin and Hanji somehow managed to get him on his horse and dragged him back. As far as he's concerned you were missing and he didn't give a damn about what everyone else thought. You were not dead. You were not dead until he had cold hard evidence in front of him. He still believed that any moment you would barge into his office and glare at him with those sparking (e/c) of yours remarking him for leaving you behind.

    Everyone knew that Levi was suffering and even though they didn't want to believe it some started to accept the fact that you were gone for good. It was the female titan you had encountered after all. Those who had not given up hope however were Levi, Erwin, Hanji, and some of the 104th trainee squad. When Levi confronted Eren about you Eren had said that Annie had grabbed you in her grasp before throwing you across the forest. He hadn't seen where you had landed since he had already transformed into a titan. Least to say Levi was not happy with his answer.

    “Damn it all!” Levi exclaimed throwing his cup of tea on the floor for once not caring about the mess. He then grabbed his hair frustrated. “Damn it (y/n)! You fucking promised me that you would return to me you idiot! You were never one to break your promises so don't you fucking start now!


    Everyone was gathered in front of the gate ready to head out for the 57th expedition. Some of the new cadets were crying, others were holding back tears, and some stood with determination in their eyes.

    “Tch. They're such babies.” Levi muttered seeing some crying making (y/n) chuckle.

    “Oh come on now Captain it's their first expedition you can't blame them for being worried.” (y/n) said her (h/c) in a fishtail braid going down her left shoulder.

    “They joined the Scouts and trained for this they shouldn't be worried.”

    “Everyone here is worried Levi. However some show it more then others. Even if we're not aware of it that fear and worry is there.” There was a moment of silence between the two.

    “(Y/n).” Levi spoke after a couple minutes.

    “Yea Levi?”  

    “Promise me something.” She tilted her head. “Promise me that you'll return to me.”

    “Return to you? But I'll be with you throughout this whole expedition.” She said confused at her boyfriend's words.

    “Just promise me... in case we're separated for some reason. Please. Promise me. Promise you'll return to me.”     

    “Levi I've never seen you like this. We've been on many expeditions where we weren't teamed together and you've never acted like this. What's wrong?” (y/n) asked worriedly.

    “(y/n) I just need you to promise me. Do you think you can do that for me?” She looked at his pleading eyes and she smiled placing a hand on his cheek.     

    “Yes, I promise.” He smiled his smile that he shows only to her.

    “I love you.”

    “I love you too.”

End of Flashback

    Your (e/c) snapped opened with a gasp. You looked around frantic breathing heavily. You was surrounded by rocks and dirt. You realized you were in some kind of ditch. You saw the orange sky through trees and figured that it was sunset. Well it didn't matter what time it was. What mattered was that you had your promise to keep with Levi. You promised him you would return to him and so be it. You didn't care if it was the last thing you did, you were going to make it back to him. Then memories of your fallen comrades filled your mind and brought tears to your eyes. You weren't able to save them. You weren't able to protect them. You feared if the female titan had gotten to Levi. No. Levi was strong. He was alive. You knew he was. Now you had to return to him. As you tried sitting up you hissed in pain. 

    “Damn it.” You cursed as pain filled up your body. You ended up falling back to the ground making you curse some more. “How the hell am I supposed to go back if I can't even move?” It was then that you heard something above you. You feared it was a titan. If that was the case and it found you you would be dead for sure. You were surprised you managed to survive the throw from the female titan as it is. Sure you knew you had broken bones and god knows what else but you were alive. But then to your surprise and relief a familiar face peered down to where you was. “Maximus.” You said seeing your beloved horse. “Were you there waiting for me this whole time?” You asked. The horse neighed happily making you smile. Fighting off the urge of crying and screaming of pain you slowly stood up using whatever you could for support. “How about you help me out alright Maximus?” The horse neighed once more and leaned down his head so that you can grab the reins. When you did Maximus began moving back and slowly lifted you up to the forest ground. When you were out the horse neighed and went towards you rubbing it's face against yours making you giggle. “It's nice to see you too big guy.” You said rubbing his mane. “Now how about we get back to headquarters?” Maximus nodded and knelt down to the ground so you could get on easier knowing you were badly injured. “I swear are you just a horse or something else? I don't think I've seen a horse as smart as you.” You said making him snort and shake his head at your silly question. You rolled your eyes before carefully getting on fighting the urge to scream in pain. You grabbed the reins feeling kind of light headed already. “Let's go boy.” Maximus neighed before he began running toward the wall. You didn't know how long you were out cold or how much blood you had lost but the pain was intense and that's all that ran through your head at the moment. Your body felt like hell and you had used whatever little energy you had left to get out of the ditch and mount Maximus. You hoped no titans would attack because if they did you had no way to defend yourself. Your 3DMG was busted. You had noticed it was in pieces around you when you woke up. But even if you did have it you had no energy to use it. Your eyes grew heavy and soon enough passed out from both pain and blood loss. If a titan did appear Maximus would be sure to kick ass.

    Members of the Garrison were guarding the wall as usual as the end of the day neared.
The sun was about done setting and the moon was rising. It was then that one of the cadets caught something in the distance. He stopped and grabbed his telescope to get a better look. This 
grabbed everyone's attention. Others gathered around him looking in the distance on guard.

    “What is it? A titan?”

    “No, I don't think so." The cadet said as he kept looking through the telescope. He saw a horse and on that horse... no, it couldn't be... They got word that everyone in that squad was dead.

    "What is it?!" Another member asked his patience running thin. 

    "It's Cadet (y/n) (l/n)!” The cadet said as Maximus stopped at the entrance of the gates. 

    “What?! I thought she was dead along with the other members of the Levi Squad!” The gates opened and Maximus slowed down a bit as the crowd of people surrounded them wondering what was happening.

    “Cadet (l/n) how the hell did you manage to survive?” One of the officers asked before others joined in asking questions.

    “Enough! We need to get her back to the Scouting Regimen!” Another yelled. “(L/n) can you hear me?” He asked leaning down towards you. Your hair was covering your face and you were breathing heavily.

    “L-Levi. I need...” You suddenly began coughing up blood before groaning in pain.

    “I'll take her back to her Regimen.” The officer said but before mounting Maximus as well riding behind you careful of your injuries. “She needs medical attention and fast. Go boy!” The officer said. Maximus neighed before heading back to HQ.

    Hanji, Erwin, along with a bunch of other cadets were outside watching the moon rise after another long day. They were feeling depressed just like Levi was. Without (y/n)'s smile there everything in HQ became dull. They suddenly heard the sounds of a horse coming their way making Erwin look up. Who could be here at this hour?

    “Commander Erwin!” The officer said as he got closer. Erwin's eyes widen as did everyone else's.

    “Is that...”

    “(Y/N)!” Hanji cried as the officer helped you down from your horse and carefully handing you to Erwin and Hanji.

    “We spotted her riding her horse back and opened the gates. How she managed to make her way back is beyond me.” The officer said as the 104th trainees surrounded you as well tears of happiness in their eyes.

    “Thank you.” Erwin told the officer truly grateful. He nodded before going back towards the wall. “(Y/n) can you hear me?” Erwin asked as he held you.

    “L-Levi.” You muttered still in a haze before groaning in pain once more.

    “Jaeger!” Erwin exclaimed. “Go get Levi and tell him that (y/n) is back and that she's in the infirmary. Arlert get her horse back to the stable.”

    “Sir!” Both saluted before running to do their jobs.

    “Hang in there my dear (y/n)! You're going to be alright now!” Hanji cried as she helped Erwin bring you to the infirmary.

    “Captain!” Eren exclaimed busting into his office with a wide smile making Levi glare at him. 

    “What do you want Jaeger? I don't have time for-”

    “(Y/n)'s back!” Eren yelled cutting him off.

    “What?” Levi asked eyes wide. Did he just hear this brat right? Eren nodded as if answering Levi's question.

    “(Y/n)'s here! She's here and alive and-” Levi jumped off from his seat and quickly ran towards the infirmary zooming past the titan-shifter. You were alive. You returned to him. That was all he could ask her. Once he got there he saw Hanjj, Erwin and members of the 104th trainee squad pacing in the hallway.

    “Where is she?!” Levi demanded startling them. “Where's (y/n)?!”     

    “They're treating her injuries.” Erwin answered.

    “Which room?!” Levi exclaimed about to go search every room but before he could Erwin stopped him. “Let me go god damn it!”

    “Levi let them do their job. When they're done you can go see her.” Levi sighed calming down.

    “How is she?” He asked leaning against one of the walls.

    “Her injuries looked really bad Levi.” Hanji said.  

    “She's going to be alright though right?”

    “She will don't worry. (Y/n) is strong, she made it back after all.” Erwin assured her. After about half an hour one of the nurses walked towards them making Levi and everyone else quickly surround her.

    “Well how is she?!” Levi demanded making the nurse flinch a little.

    “Cadet (l/n) has a concussion, broken ribs, a broken arm, a broken leg, dislocated shoulder, and a lot of cuts and bruises. I don't know how she managed to survive with all the blood she lost during this past week but she did. She's going to fine. I have to say she is a miracle case.” The nurse explained before looking at Levi. “She's been asking for you sir. She's still in and out of it so I ask that you don't push her to much. She's the third door to the right.” She said before leaving. Levi looked at everyone and they smiled a bit and nodded. Levi nodded and walked to your room. When he walked in he gently closed the door. When he saw your figure he gasped. Sure the nurse told him of your condition but he didn't expect you to look so... broken. You had your eyes closed and were breathing heavily. You had your right leg in a cast, left arm in another cast, a bandage going around your head, a small band-aid on your lower left cheek, a bigger band-aid on your right cheek, and an IV connected to your right arm pumping blood into your system. He was willing to bet you had bandages around your chest as well. He made his way to the chair beside your bed and sat down.

    “Levi is that you?” You asked your voice barely a whisper your hand moving sensing someone beside her.

    “Yea (y/n) it's me.” He said holding your uninjured hand. You opened your eyes slowly and a small smile graced your lips.

    “I'm glad to see you're alive.”

    “Tch. That's my line you idiot.” Levi said rolling his eyes before sighing. “I'm sorry.”

    “For what?” You asked your (e/c) eyes filled with confusion.

    “If I would have stayed then maybe...” You shook your head and grabbed his hand tighter.

    “No Levi don't you dare blame yourself for what happened.”


    “Levi look at me.” You said. He refused and continued to look at the floor. “Levi.” Nothing. “Levi Ackerman you look at me right now.” With a sigh he looked at you his steel gray eyes meeting with your (e/c) eyes. “Did you do this to me?”


    “Did you kill everyone whose lives were lost?”

    “No but...”

    “Then it's not your fault. I'm sure the rest of the squad would agree with me. They wouldn't have wanted you to blame yourself.” You said stroking his hand. “Now I want you to say it.”


    “Say it wasn't your fault.”

    “I-It wasn't my fault.”

    “Like you mean it.”

    “It wasn't my fault.” You smiled.

    “Now was that so hard?” He brought your hand to his lips kissing it.

    “It's hard to say no to you, you know that?” You giggled. “I thought I had lost you brat.” He said softly.

    “You didn't lose me and you never will. I promised you I will return to you and I did, and I intend to keep that promise for as long as I can.”

    “I know, and I'm thankful for that. Maybe life doesn't hate me that much after all. It let me still have you. Even so I still feel awful about what happened.”

    “Want to make it up to me?” He looked at and you smiled. “Kiss me.” He chuckled.

    “Only you (y/n).” He said before gently bringing his lips to yours. You both shared a sweet tender kiss. It was perfect. You had both had almost forgotten the amazing sensation of it. “You know...” Levi said once you both parted. He sighed and looked at the wall before continuing. “When we got back from the expedition everyone kept saying that you were dead. I didn't listen to them. In truth I wanted to kill them for saying such things. I knew you were alive because you made me that promise. I knew that you would return to me. But then when days passed and you didn't show up I began panicking. I was harsher on the cadets and I was more cold and distant. I knew you would get mad at me but I couldn't help myself. All those days you were gone I couldn't help but be restless. You are the one who keep me in check. You're the one who loves me for who I am. You know I was a thug back before I joined the survey corps and you still accepted me. Everyday when I wake up I would be glad to know that I would get to see your face once more. I can't go to sleep without seeing your face and seeing you're okay. That's why I couldn't sleep because I didn't see your beautiful smile. It's silly I know but it's true. This past week has been a living hell without you. A part of me died and the light was gone from my world. You know why (y/n), because you are my light and I love you. I wasn't able to protect you then but I promise you I will protect you from now on.” He sighed. “Hell I don't think I've talked this much before. How the hell does everyone else do it?” Levi asked turning to face you but when he did his eyes widen. You were lying there eyes closed. “(Y/n)?” You didn't move. “(Y/n)?” Nothing. “(Y/n)?!” The grasp you had on his hand loosened before falling to the bed. “No... no. Damn it no!” Levi exclaimed. “(Y/N)!” Nothing. He got out of his seat and was about to run out of the room in search of a nurse but when his hand was on the door knob he heard something. He slowly turned back and walked towards the end of your bed and sure enough he heard it again. His eyebrow twitched in annoyance. “Damn brat. The one time I pour my heart out to you is the time you decide to fall asleep on me.” He growled hearing the faint sounds of you snoring. He watched you a moment longer before his anger vanished. He smiled gently at your sleeping figure. “I bet you didn't hear anything I just said did you brat?” He chuckled. “I guess I rather have you snoring than having you sleeping forever.” He went towards you and gently placed a kiss on your forehead. “I love you (y/n). I really do. We will defeat the titans and when we do you and I are going to live very happily with little versions of ourselves running around. But don't go thinking you're going unpunished for falling asleep on me, scaring the shit out of me, and having me worried for a week. Oh no you are going to have a very fitting punishment when you're all better and it will take place on my bed.” He smiled at you and sat on the chair beside you once more. “Thank you (y/n). Thank you for returning back to me. I'll make you a promise right here, just as you promise to return to me I promise you I'll always return to you.” And with that for the first time in a week Levi fell asleep beside you worry free knowing that you would be there when he woke up.

Another Levi x Reader story. I hope you all like it. :) (Smile) 
You are all amazing! 

I don't own SnK/Aot or any of it's characters. Levi Rivaille (Time to Kill) [V2]
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