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    "Honestly Levi, why don't you ever hold your teacup the right way?" You ask as you watch the Captain drink his usual morning tea. It was breakfast time, and everyone in the Corps were in the mess hall eating away before their full day of training began. You sat beside Levi and Hanji in the superiors table along with Mike and Erwin. 

    "It is none of your business." Levi replies not even looking at you, as he takes another sip of his drink. You pout.

    "But I really want to know." 

    "That's too bad for you."

    "Now children no bickering at the table." Hanji chuckles making Levi look at her with an annoyed expression. 

    "The only child here is you shitty-glasses." The mad scientist simply laughs before taking a bite of her loaf of bread. Erwin sighs.

    "Could there be a day we can all enjoy a meal without insults being thrown around?" 

    "Nope." You, Levi, Hanji, and Mike answer making the Commander sigh once more. 

    "Well, since Levi is not gracing me with an answer, I'm gonna go train for a bit before my class with the cadets." You say getting up from the table. Levi gets up as well. 

    "I should train as well. I'm sure it's not a problem if I join you, right (Y/n)?" He says looking at you. You stare at him for a moment, before you shrug your shoulders.

    "I don't really care." With that you walk away with the black haired captain following behind you, before eventually you were both walking side by side with each other. 

    "So, what are you going to be working on with the cadets?" Levi asks as you both walk to the training ground.

    "We're gonna be focusing on ODM Gear. Some of them still need practice with that." You answer. 

    "You got that right." It was quiet for a moment, and soon you feel something wrap around your hand. You look down, and see Levi's hand holding yours. 

    "Levi! What if someone sees?" You asks blushing.

    "Everyone is in the mess hall eating, it's alright."

    You and Levi had been dating for a couple of weeks now, and have yet to tell anybody. It's not that you were both embarrassed, but you and Levi didn't know how the revelation would sit with everybody. Erwin was your friend, but he was also your commander, and you didn't know whether he would think your relationship would get in the way of how you and Levi would act on missions and such. 

    Once reaching the training grounds, you and Levi take off your jackets, and stand face to face with one another.

    "Don't go easy on me, alright?" You ask getting into your fighting stance. 

    "Same goes for you." He says. Then, in a swift movement he throws a punch in your direction, but you react quickly, and move out of the way before throwing a punch of your own. Levi of course dodges, and both of you keep throwing attacks at one another for a good while, until finally Levi slides his foot under yours making you lose your footing, and fall down to the ground. "I win." He says, a small smirk on his face. You pout. 

    "No fair." He chuckles, and offers a hand to help you up. You sigh, and accept it, but an idea pops into your head, and with his hand still in yours you pull him down beside you. You giggle. "I win."

    "Very funny (Y/n)." He tells you as he pokes you in the head. 

    "I agree." He rolls his eyes, and gets up, helping you along the way. "So, we can both agree that I won."

    "Tch, you wish."

    "I did win." You say crossing your arms across your chest. 

    "Cheated is more like it." 

    "Did not."

    "You did so."

    "Did not." Soon, you feel his lips on yours, and your face instantly turns red. When he pulls away he nods in satisfaction seeing your reaction. 

    "I think this time, we can both agree who won. Yes?" 

    "Hmph." You say turning your head to the side, still blushing. He places a hand on your head, and ruffles your hair a bit. 

    "There's always next time." You look at him, and stick your tongue out making him roll his eyes playfully. "Come on, let's get back, the cadets training is about to start." 
    Before either of you could move however, you see Eren running towards the both of you.

    "Captain! Squad Leader!" He yells. 

    "What is it?" Levi asks. 

    "Commander Erwin says to prepare to move out at once!"

    "Move out?" You question raising an eyebrow. 

    "The titans! They managed to break into the Trost District again!" You and Levi look at him shocked. 

    "Damn brat, you should have said that earlier!" Levi exclaims before the both of you rush into the building, and ready your gear. Once ready you meet the rest of the Scouts in the front of the building where you make your way towards the rest of the superiors. 

    "Eren sealed Trost, how the hell did they get back in?" Levi asks.

    "From what the Garrison are saying, it was a group of abnormals. Destroying the boulder, was the easier choice then destroying another wall." Erwin explains, as everyone makes their way to the Trost district. 

    "No sign of the Colossal or Armored?" You ask.

    "Not that was mentioned."

    "How are we going to seal the gap this time?"

    "The Garrison have been developing a plan to reconstruct the wall. One group of the scouts is to dispose of the titans already inside the district, while the other group fights off the titans near the hole on the outside of the district, allowing the Garrison to work."

    "That's going to take time." Hanji says.

    "After the titans on the inside are gone, we'll assign shifts to defend the outside. The canons on the wall are operational, so those are to be used as well." Erwin explains. "Hanji I want you to help and direct the Garrison in repairing the wall. (Y/n) and Mike, your job is protect the outside of the district, while Levi and I will rid of those inside."


    "Erwin, wouldn't it be better if I helped those on the outside?" Levi asks, making you look at him.

    "No. We need the titans inside to be dealt with quickly. You have the speed to do that."


    "I already told you your job. When you're done you can help things outside." Levi didn't seem pleased, and you understood, because you felt the same.

    "Alright scouts, move out!" Erwin commands once you all arrive at Trost.

    "(Y/n)." You turn your head, and face the Captain. "Be careful." You smile.

    "Thanks, you too." You and Mike along with your squads did your best to avoid titans and made your way outside of Trost, and begin slaying those nearby. You saw the Garrison members busy trying to repair the wall, they were shaking in fear, but they continued to carry out their work quickly, trusting the scouts to watch their backs until they're done. 

    You see a 7 meter class titan quickly heading your way, and using your gear you latch onto to it, and maneuver your way around it, before quickly bringing your blades down, and slashing it's nape. 

    "Three down." You look around, and see the number of titans still around, and sigh. "Many more to go." You look toward the wall of the Trost District. How was Levi doing? Reassuring yourself that he was doing fine, you readied your blades again, and quickly found yourself another prey. 

    The number of titans were starting to decrease, and you were positive the titans inside the wall were about gone. Grabbing onto a 13 meter titan you made the kill, and the moment the titan fell onto the ground dead, you heard a yell, and turned your head to see a cadet being swallowed by a 15 meter. 

    "Jimmy!" Another cadet yells, at seeing his friend eaten. He stands there in shock, not moving, only staring at the titan who ate his friend, and now looking down at him as his next meal. 

    "Don't just stand there! Move out of the way!" You exclaim, as you see the titan bend down to grab him. The cadet doesn't move however, and continues to stand there. With a yell you kill the titan, before landing onto the ground. You check the area around you, and see it's clear for now, and soon walk until you're in front of the cadet. "Are you hurt?" You ask.

    "S-Squad leader... I...I..."

    "Are you hurt?" You ask again. Seeming to snap out of it, he shakes his head side to side, and you sigh. "I know losing a comrade in front of your eyes is painful, but you have put your feelings on hold with the titans nearby. If you freeze up like that, you'll be their next lunch, and then what? Your comrades sacrifice would have been in vain. Do you understand me?" You notice him start to shake again, and you sigh. Had you really been that harsh?

    As you opened your mouth to say something, you feel the ground shaking underneath you, and you feel it getting closer. You turn your head, and your eyes widen at the running titan heading straight towards the two of you. Damn it! The cadet wasn't shaking out of fear of you, but because in fear of the incoming titan. You knew he was still shocked about his friends death, but couldn't he had said something?! 

    Quickly readying your blades, you latch onto the titan, and quickly begin to advance onto it. Still running, the titan turns its gaze onto you, and grins widely before grabbing onto the wires on its shoulder. Damn it! It pulled down on it, and you tumbled onto the ground your gear breaking in the process. 

    "G-Great, just great." You mutter placing a hand on your head. Pulling your hand back, you see it was covered in blood, and of course soon you feel blood start to make its way down your face. With unfocused vision, your eyes fall onto the cadet who is still paralyzed in the same spot looking fearfully at you. Well, guess you can't count on his help anytime soon. 

    You gasp for breath as you feel the titans dirty hands wrap around your body lifting you up. Looking at the overly cheerful face of the titan you realize that this was it. Although you wince at feeling some bones in your body break, you glare at humanity's enemy.
"G-Grin while you can you b-bastard. There will come a day w-when you won't be. I may die, but the fight will c-continue." You manage to breathe out. 

    "It will, but you won't be dead!" You hear someone yell, and you see something zoom in front of you, and titans grip on you loosens as it begins to sway. You let out a small yell as you begin to fall, but soon notice you're no longer falling, rather you're in someones arms. You look up, and smile in relief. 

    "Levi." He doesn't say anything, and the moment you two land safely onto the ground the titan lands with a great THUD beside both of you. Levi was here meaning every titan inside Trost were taken care of. "Levi... I..." You say before you let out a whimper of pain, and clutch onto his jacket. 

    "You're going to be alright. We'll get you to the doctor back in HQ, and you'll be fine." Levi reassures you. You stare at his steel gray eyes, and see the worry in them. You nod. 

    "(L/n), are you alright?" You hear another voice ask. You and Levi turn your heads, and see Erwin and Mike land beside you. 
    "C-Could be better." You say flinching in pain.

    "We need to get you back to HQ." Erwin says seriously.

    "Erwin, hold her for a second will you?" Levi says. You look at him tiredly, and see he has a very determined, and angry face. Erwin was confused, but nonetheless look you from Levi's arms, careful of your wounds. You, Mike, and Erwin were confused, but soon all of you see Levi rush to the cadet, and punch him straight in the face.

    "What the hell is he doing?!" Erwin exclaims. 

    "You just stood there! You stood there while one of your Squad Leaders was being attacked, and in need of assistance!" Levi yells grabbing the poor cadet by the jacket. "How do you call yourself a member of the Survey Corps if you leave your comrade to die, and not bother to help!" Levi hits him once more.

    "Mike, hold her." Erwin says, carefully passing you to the other male, before rushing towards Levi. 

    "Gee. Good to k-know I'm the potato in this g-game of hot potato." You say weakly, as you feel your eyes growing heavy. 

    "Levi! That's enough!" Erwin yells pulling Levi off the cadet who was now crying, and apologizing as if 'I'm sorry' were the only words he knew. 

    "(Y/n) could have died because of him!" 

    "And she still might if you don't get her back to HQ." Erwin says trying to reason with the shorter male. Levi turns his head to look at you in Mike's arms, and he could see you were struggling to breathe. "Bring her to the infirmary, and stay with her while we finish up here. I'll go check up on the two of you later." Levi nods, and heads in Mike's direction, where Mike hands you back to him. 

    "Hang in there, alright (Y/n)?" He says, as he makes a rush back to base. You simply nod, but keep your eyes closed, and soon enough everything around you went black. 


    When you come to you realize how much pain you're in. Opening your eyes, the first thing you saw was the window, and outside was the dark, clear night sky. You see that most of your body is covered in bandages, and that someones hand was in yours. 

    "Glad to see you're awake." You smile.

    "I'll say." You say, turning to face Levi. "I thought I was a goner." You flinch, and Levi's hand leaves yours, and you see him grab a glass of water, and painkillers from the nightstand beside him. 

    "Take these, it'll help." 

    "Thanks." You says before you take the painkillers, and drink some water. Giving him the glass back he puts it on the nightstand again, and there was a brief silence. 

    "When I saw you in that titans hand, I didn't know what to think." Levi said after awhile. "Everything just stopped. If I had been a second later you would be dead."

    "But I'm not." You reassure him placing a hand on top of his. "I'm alive."

    "No thanks to that idiot of a cadet." Levi scoffs shaking his head.

    "I admit, I was kinda pissed too, but he saw his friend eaten in front of him. You and I both know how much losing someone is."

    "I know. Which is why I can't lose you." 
    "You won't. I promise." You reassure him, smiling softly at him. "I will always be here with you." You pause. "It's real cute when you get this soft and romantic, you know?" 

    "Tch." He says pulling back crossing his arms across his chest. He tries to act annoyed, but you are able to clearly see the small blush on his cheeks. "Am not."

    "Are too." You giggle. 

    "Am not." 

    "Are too." You feel his lips on yours, and you smile as you kiss him back. A moment or two later you hear someone clear their throat, and you and Levi quickly pull apart, and see Erwin standing there. 

    "Ah! Erwin, you're here! Wonderful weather we're having huh?" You say laughing nervously.

    "Did you ever hear of knocking?" Levi asks, annoyance lacing his voice. 

    "I did, you probably didn't hear it." Erwin replies with a smile. He turns to face you, and asks, "How are you feeling?" 

    "Better, t-thank you. What you saw, it wasn't uh, well you see..."

    "At ease (Y/n). I know you and Levi are dating." 

    "What?!" You and Levi exclaimed at the same time. 

    "Since when?!" You exclaim. 

    "Tch. Should of known. Nothing ever goes by you and your eyebrows." Levi says. Erwin simply rolls his eyes, but explains. 

    "I've known since almost the beginning. I saw how the both of you started acting differently towards each other. Mike and Hanji also noticed. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the whole regiment knows. Just so you know, I'm not opposed to your relationship. I'm your Commander, but I'm also your friend, and I want the two of you to find whatever happiness you can find in this messed up world of ours." He says. "(Y/n) make sure to rest, and only when you have clearance from the doctor you're able to return to your duties. Levi you still have work, but it won't be as much as you normally do. I understand you want to help care for (Y/n)." 

    "Understood." You both say. Erwin heads to the door and opens it, but before he leaves he turns his head to face the two of you again. "And next time you're planning on keeping a secret relationship from me, don't kiss outside my office door." And with that he closed the door, and left.

    "Tch. Stupid Erwin." Levi says shaking his head as your face turned red in embarrassment. "So, where were we?" Levi asks, a small smirk on his features, as he turns to face you again. 


    "Erwin knows so there's no point in hiding anything anymore." He brings his face closer to yours, and places a hand on your cheek. Before his lips meets yours though he kisses your forehead. "I just want you to know that I will be there for you always. When you're in trouble and need help, I'll be there to help you. I'm not losing you, so count on that." You smile, and nod. Both of your lips find each others again, and while you both kissed you couldn't help but think back to all of the great memories you had of each other. They were both good and bad. Levi saved you today, and had promised to always be by your side, and thinking back to all those precious memories you thought, yea, I'll always be there for him too. One day he may need help, and I'll be there to have his back.
I'll Be There (Levi x Reader)
Here you go everyone, another Levi one-shot! Hope you all enjoy it! Let me know what you thought! Hope you all have an amazing day! :D (Big Grin) 
I do not own Attack on Titan or any of it's characters. Levi Rivaille (Tornado Slash) [V1] 
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