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Another friend let me trust my head... I feel like of all the Tardis tattoos out there I only like 2 others.

Anyhow, Tardis!

I am based out of Utopian Tattoo and Body Piercing, Biddeford ME.

My page:
Utopian's page: [link]
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Indeed. Jelly baby?
well, i don't think i know dr. who well enough to get a tattoo of the tardis, but i love the pure geekery of it all! and this is just a beautiful tattoo by itself. plus i think my own tattoo is pretty sweet. :)
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I have to admit I couldn't tell you all the doctors names, nor would I understand a great many of the jokes. I've seen several of the newer shows, and remember some of the ones from the 70's (Tom Baker), I used to watch them as reruns with my grandfather.

I don't think I'd get something from a tv show tattoo'd on me. What I do have is pretty amorphous is nature. But I don't begrudge folks getting what ever they want put on them where and how they'd like it. I'm here to do that for them to the best of my ability to match their vision!
sounds like the best way to be! all tattoos,done well, i admire. doesn't matter what it is, if it's really beautiful, it is awesome! i knew from looking on this site and others of all the different tattoos you could get, i loved the ones with a bit of a geek chic edge to it! i'm not a big enough fan of dr.who as of yet to get the tardis, but i love to see other fans with one and how creative people can be with it! that's why i love tattoos as an artform. :)
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I looked around on the net after I completed this Tardis and was really unimpressed with the majority of the others. The artists in a lot had zero imagination, or didn't try to explain the plainness to their client, just as many had/have terrible skill. I'm not a great one for linework, but my lines are straighter than a significant portion of what I've seen. :-/
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