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Sunny day


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Sunny day


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August 30


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With Out Eyes

Master always loved to paint. He would paint so much that he would often leave me with out a meal for the night, which i did not mind. I find the rodents and birds lurking in the hall ways much more tasty than human food. One day if i remember correctly a large group of men with white cloths on came and took master away but they left his eyes. Master did always seem to miss place his eyes and have to make new ones. He would remake them in his paintings. Every painting had the same crystal sharp blue eyes. The eyes in the paintings fallow me down the long winding corridors of the old house.  Some times when i sleep up upon my book shelf i can still hear him raving at night about those eyes. Even though my master does not exist anymore i still hear his cries.  On days that my tail twitches and my fur stands up on my back i know they are watching me. This i do not like so i act upon my discomfort and rip those eyes right out of the picture frame that protects them. But with eyes gone it


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Wreath making!!


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The Raven study


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