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Unused Bumblebee RID Design

When the current Ongoing series Robots in Disguise was in development, I went through a lot of design sketches for the central characters, particularly Bumblebee.

Here's one of them, and if it was up to me this is probably pretty close to how I would have chosen his design to look.

The final version I'm using for the book has some elements from this design mixed with his War for Cybertron design.

I wouldn't put too much emphasis on the title, "Cybertronian," I think that was always intended as a working title until they decided how the two Ongoings should be titled.

Just realized, I did this sketch in early April of 2011. Over a year ago now!
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So this was a unused RID design for Bumblebee. Well then.
PJToon75's avatar
He looks awesome! Nice work!
Centaur71's avatar
in the G1 (Sunbow) cartoon series, he started out as a 'flying' saucer; this design is just a touch more sensible.
a-loft-on-cybertron's avatar
It's original how the feet are still the front of the vehicule and at the same time, the torso too.
I wouldn't have mind to see it adapted into a toy.
Kaizer617's avatar
I love it! Like a Cybertronian VW Beetle!
DarkSkullgreymon's avatar
This looks amazing!I really like how he has the same transformation sequence as the earth mode.Like,the feet become the front bumber,etc...
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TruePhazonianForce's avatar
He looks awesome in your design
Budmaloney's avatar
Dammit, why are the unused designs always the coolest!
phantomhunter's avatar
I really like this design.
JohnnyFive81's avatar
Quite a nice design; shame it wasn't used. War For Cybertron seems to be a major influence on RiD so far, with many of the Cons having their game looks.
CWingSyun's avatar
I prefer this design over the 'tweaked' WfC design used in RiD. For me, it was almost like 'Bee went backwards, from his sleek, slightly more macho earth muscle car, back to a beetle-esque form. I can understand 'Bee having that form before coming to earth, but as he is 'leader' now of the Transformers on Cybertron, I felt like his alt-form and subsequent robot design did not match. Of course, 'Bee has been and always will be the little yellow 'bot but still....
TF-The-Lost-Seasons's avatar
Love it, it looks very much like a cybertronian VW Beetle, and I like how the transformation is close to the original G1 toy; shame this wasn't used.
MakoCrab's avatar
He reminds me of Gobots Buzzerbot in his convertible form for some reason. Which is cool. I likes Buzzerbot. :)
dyemooch's avatar
DUDE. I frikkin LOVE this Bee!! XD
glovestudios's avatar
Well... you love any Bee. :P
dyemooch's avatar
You know me too well!!
But I love this design D:!
just-nuts's avatar
As much as I love the WfC designs, I'm not all that into them being used in the comics lol

But I do adore this design, it's really cool!
JZLobo's avatar
Shame this went unused. Aside from the big feet, I think this is way better than the WfC design!
stourangeau's avatar
Actually this is not a bad look for Bee, thanks for sharing this.
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