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Transformers Robots in Disguise 8 Cover

Hi guys,

I had thought about posting this after it was revealed at Botcon, but now that Marcelo Matere has revealed his awesome wraparound that was also revealed there I feel even more confident it'll be OK.

So here's my cover for RID 8, colors by the irrefutable Joana Lafuente :iconkhaamar: !!
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I don't care how tough you think you are. If some dude walks into a bar with the Dinobots following him, You leave that dude alone!
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This cover I loved it from the first time I saw it. 
Phenometron's avatar
Ironhide's incredibly boss!
kimmylia's avatar
Loving the Dinobots :D nice cover and love the art effects you did there
Leonar-Cousland's avatar epic!! 8D
You did the Dinobots and Ironhide awesome like. =)
destart's avatar
the colors are soo good
Vornell's avatar
am guessing thats iron hide
hellbat's avatar
JohnnyFive81's avatar
Ironhide + Dinobots = epic coolness.

Seems the Dinos will be using the Nick Roche designs from Maximum Dinobots. I was half-expecting the Fall of Cybertron designs, but it's nice to have some consistency with the designs.
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Well 1) It didn't make sense to me for them to stay Dinobots but change their own designs so for continuity's sake Nick's designs seemed the only way to go and 2) I'm pretty sure I drew this well before FoC was ever announced, much less any art was shown from it.
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Intersting to see how they'll do without Grimlock. They (along with Grimlock) seem to think they'll be alright without him. We'll see.
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Really like ironhide's new body and the Dinobots!
glovestudios's avatar
Yeah they're great fun to draw.
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Ironhide and the Dinobots...there is just so much awesome on one cover.
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They do seem to go well together.
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kick ass, very cool.

nice job to you both.
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Thanks, from my half.
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Why did I suddenly get goosebumps... OH HEY ITS AN AWESOME COVER!
glovestudios's avatar
Glad I could provide the goosebumps. For my next trick I'll pull a rabbit out of a hat.
GRIML0CK122's avatar
sick. kinda reminds me of gears 3
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