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Transformers: Defiance 1 Pg. 2

These are pages from my first interior work on a published comic book.

I did the pencils and the inks following layouts provided by Dan Khanna.

A full-color preview of the first 5 pages were recently made public on Comics Continuum. [link]

Transformers: Defiance Issue 1.
Written By: Chris Mowry • Art By: Dan Khanna and Andrew Griffith • Colors by Josh Perez • Edits by Denton J Tipton.
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It's great to see an idea of what Cybertron looked like before the war. It brings it into focus what Megatron had done.
ACdraw's avatar
Indeed. Here the place is filled with domes, Megatron turned em' into craters.
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I first saw this page while reading the book and it stopped me for a moment while I took in the page. Awesome work! :D
glovestudios's avatar
Oh wow -- we finally get to see an impression of what Cybertron looked like in the movieverse. :D this is amazing. The vaguely spherical perspective you have going is really interesting to look at.

D: I want to pick up what's been published of Alliance and Defiance when it's released tomorrow, but I live like, an hour and a half's drive away from the nearest comic shop and ordering online is just so expensive. Bah.
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Andrew, you never seem to stop knocking my socks off!

These preview pages are amazing, this shot of Cybertron especially!

And i had no idea you were the artist involved in this! You must be made up to be doing official stuff now.

I hope they're treating you right! lol!
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Truly Stunning Work man! I see your style has really evolved. Definitely loving it!
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interesting, how come the cybertron doesn't really resemble the one shown in the Bay Movie.

Awesome lines though man.
ACdraw's avatar
'interesting, how come the cybertron doesn't really resemble the one shown in the Bay Movie.'

From the look of it, this scene takes place before the war.
FrankORourke's avatar
ah yes that makes sense, because the one in Bay's movie is pretty much a Wasteland.
ACdraw's avatar
Yeah, all we saw of the movie Cybertron previously was Optimus' holographic recording of Megatron killing a wounded Autobot with a spear amidst a burning wasteland, the opening of the game (and two small levels that take place in temples) and stuff seen in the prequel comics.

We've never seen the ';powerful, peaceful and just empire' described by Optimus t'ill now.
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This is awesome. :)
glovestudios's avatar
Thanks, all in a day's work. :P
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