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Galvatron Coda Cover

Continuing the slew of uploads today, here is my cover for AHM: Coda issue 14. (Not exactly sure of the syntax of the series title.)

This is a little different from what Chris Ryall posted today on his blog. [link] If I remember correctly he posted the WIP that went out when solicits were due. However, this should be the final version, and from what I could tell of the small images, the one shown at Botcon.

Anyway, here it is....

Incidentally, this is the first time I've done interiors and a cover for the same book. So that's pretty cool for me.
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Undeadwargodthingy's avatar
Don't bothering Galvatron when his is  bathing people!.OMG
julian0123's avatar
Epic and badass cover :wow:
Phenometron's avatar
That's a very interesting take on G1 Galvatron.
GalvatronLikesPonys's avatar
Saw this on Pinterest and had to know where this art came from. Awesome work dude, very amazing work! The details are stunning!
PiccoloCwel's avatar
Ultimate Badass
KillMarioLoveBowser's avatar
Jeez. Plain awesomeness. :iconawesomenessplz:
Atomic-Chinchilla's avatar
That is just sweet! 8D
LukeHorsman's avatar
Awesome lighting from the fire, great work.
bokuman's avatar
OMG! i love this series!:D
Empress-Eerian-Sadow's avatar
okay, the lines-only cover was awesome, but with colors it is awesome and makes me go "holy sh*t, we're all gonna die!" i love it.

can't wait to see your work inside the book. ^_^
TeaDarkA's avatar
thats damn cool
DaRkMaYu's avatar

I like it!the lighting is beautifullllll
DaRkMaYu's avatar
you're welcome!

he looks so scary and powerful with those lights :3
hiredhand's avatar
This thing looked wicked as hell when I saw your print of it at Botcon. Awesome work, my friend.
glovestudios's avatar
No better than your awesome print, man. ;)
hiredhand's avatar
Well, that's debatable, but who am I to argue? ;)

Thanks, Andrew!
JavierReyes's avatar
Goddamn! That's awesome!!! Can't wait to see what Galvatron is up to.

Man and your finger paints (get it?) are amazing!!

Many congrats!
glovestudios's avatar
Thanks, man. Appreciate the comments. :D And my finger painting days may be over thanks to my new wacom. ;)
JavierReyes's avatar
Indeed! Can't wait.
Jam-Wah's avatar
I think I just soiled myself.
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