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Defiance 4 Double Page Spread

By glovestudios
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I held off from posting this for a while because while I'm less pleased with it now than I was when it was first done. I guess I can't help but think of how much more I would have added to it if we weren't under tight deadlines. I also had to take something out of this which I think helped tie it all together but we were afraid Hasbro wouldn't approve and I took it out before approval because we were on such a tight schedule.

Probably the most enjoyable part of working on Defiance for me was drawing Optimus Prime, but unfortunately I only got to draw him this one time.

Anyway, here it is. Pencils and inks by me.

Josh Perez [link] as always, provided some most excellent colors for this.
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holy shit fuck.... I JUST :iconiepiccameplz:
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dude this kicks serious butt
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Dude you never cease to amaze me! Another spectacular piece!
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Wow. I have admired your work for some time and this is amazing.
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What a EPIC!!
I love your artwork!!!
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Outstanding - your eye for detail is fantastic.
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(bowing down to you....)

that image is CRACKERS!!! :rofl:
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wow that's amazing!
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I didn't know there was a scrapped version! I didn't pay too much attention to all the e-mails I got... gawd, there were so many.
I'd love to see this other version :D!

Man, I wanted to make this image so kick ass, but I rushed this with the deadlines... crazy times, man, but it was great coloring your work! :D
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Thanks, man! You did great, I felt like I rushed it too much. But hey I was up til 6:30 am as it was. :P

Actually I sent you the other version months ago cause you said you might have time to color it for fun. :D
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OH WAIT! THAT VERSION. Did I ever color it? Gawd I feel like an ass now XD. So many things went by and I guess I forgot over time! Sorry man! I'll try to get it done for you soon :D!
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That's the one!! :D
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Who is that in starscreams hand? Shockwae?
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It's the head of a drone, apparently both sides make use of drones. And all of those drones seem to be little one eyed fellas.
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can i colour that :D
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If I find the time to post the lineart up here feel free. :D
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