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Cover for City of Fear 4

Since this was shown in the May solicits I figured this was safe to show here.

This if the cover for the fourth issue of the IDW "Best of UK" reprint series "City of Fear."
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Nice! Shockwave & King Posidon!!

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Pirahnacon and Shockwave together -- what an unbeatable, despicable team.
wow!!! i wish I can draw like this. how long did it take u to get good like this? Or were u born with the skill?
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Hmmm... well the short story is I pretty much drew all of the time from kindergarten when I realized that stick figures don't accurately represent people until high school when I prematurely sent a submission to Marvel. I got rejected and gave up on comic book style art for a while. Then about 10 years later after I got married and settled down I started up again. A year later I was getting emails from IDW about doing TF work for them. Been trying to keep improving ever since. I'm constantly seeing thousands of people on DA that remind me that I'm really not very good. :/
looks good to me!!
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Abominus was always an overlooked gestalt, nice work:clap:
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Awesome stuff mate.
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Great composition. I like how you balanced the visual weight of the image. Piranacon is massive (as he should be) and draws the eye. Shockers is smaller, but he's up front and super crisp, so he also draws the eye. Good sense of movement. Great coloring and effects. Love it. Great job, Andrew!

I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.
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I just love this! The colors are wonderful -- really love the sunset(rise?) looking sky and the water spray. :heart:

Also Shockwave is awesome and one of my favorite characters.

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Shockwave is why my fav color is purple
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I gotta agree with Casey. This is your best work yet!

Love the scale and coloring! Wonderful color palette choice. Amazing work!

Man the pressure is on for the BW :fear:
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Ha. I can't wait to see it. It'll look great.
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Awesome!!! Shockwave is one of my favourite Desecpticons. Don't see many people drawing him in any way too often so this is a rare treat :)
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