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Alain Conniff - Poke-Ren


Alain Conniff

Instrumental Theme | Theme Song

Aliases: Carbuncle Knight

Age: 24
Pokemon: Carbink
Ability: Sturdy
Town of Residence: Opalshire

Personal history: Alain’s birth remains a mystery. His addition to the Conniff family came from being found  in the woods by the rose gardens of the Conniff household. He was adopted by Lord Emile Conniff, the sickly youngest brother who acted like an advisor and aide to Lady Eliane, matriach of the family. He was raised alongside Amelie and Adeline, twin sisters and heirs to the Conniff name. Alain’s features made him stand out by being different, due to that, at age of 5, Alain with his cousins were prompted to merging with carbinks to cement their status as future lords of the house, making the kids grow unaware of their differences with the passing years to the point of creating a sibling-like bond. They grew up playing, studying and exploring together, their favorite spot was the trellis-filled gardens.

After the death of Lord Emile, twelve years later, Alain was revealed the uncertainty of his origins and was given the choice of what to do in his future. Seeing Adeline growing ever clever in the workings of trading and management of the family mines and Amelie’s unflinching faith for the crystal sylph taking her closer to the unknown world of magic and the divine, he decided to go for the only thing he felt he was good at, feeling like an outsider that had abused for too long from the family’s kindness. He made his mind, pledging to an uncertain future, as uncertain as his past, guarded and armed by a shield and sword. He bid farewell to a life of luxuries, deciding to move to the lowlands, not before being given by Adeline a set of armor decked with gems, and by Amelie a bush of white roses in a pot, both gifts he now treasures with his life.

Currently Alain has saved enough to live modestly by the riverside, close to the town square. He works as a condecorated town guard, sometimes delving in being a sword for hire, generally protecting trade routes and merchant carriages.

Socio-economic background: Raised by a noble family, he’s well educated in both arts of the blade and the quill, but unlike his female cousins, he was never introduced to magic nor numbers. His position from early age limited to protection or advice, never business or faith. After learning of his uncertain origins he decided to carve his own future away from a family business he had no right to and devote to the commandments of chivalry, moving away from the luxuries of the highlands to the lowlands and pledging his blade to the protection of the people and the faith.

Personality: He’s well intentioned but perhaps too much of a traditionalist. Proud and affable, he’s at his best when behind the shield protecting others than when without it engaging them. His well-natured caring personality he may come off as a heartthrob, but he is particularly inexperienced in love related matters. Thinks highly of the nobles and would blindly defend them. Brought up with stories of chivalry, he’s focused in living his life upholding its ideals, however outdated.

Demeanor: Very polite, to the point of almost appearing old fashioned. He has a good attitude and overall is appreciative of other’s interacting with him, even when he’s not exactly the best at making first contact. His body language however is quite rigid from years of  training and etiquette,  he may not dress or live the life of a noble anymore but he certainly moves like one.

Religious views: Devout of all three guardian spirits. His family has taken Diancie as their matron/patron deity due to their sigil and tradition linking them to the carbinks that inhabit the mines, so he tends to practice almost all traditions linked to the faith of the crystal sylph.

Dress: When not in full armor, Alain generally uses comfortable clothes, like long sleeved cotton shirts, dark blue trousers and boots. He likes donning the fluffy short cape of his family even when he has been living outside the highlands for some time. His armor is decorated with many untreated jewel shards that represent the proud heritage of the Conniff family. His favorite colors to wear are blues and greys.


  • Freshly baked bread
  • Skipping stones
  • Tending roses
  • Training 
  • Polishing his armor
  • Dogs
  • His family
  • Disrespect
  • Anarchy
  • Dishonesty
  • Pickled food
  • Warm weather
Extra: Has a dog, a rockruff named 'Sunsprite' or 'Sunny' for short.

Rumors: “Some say the carbuncle knight is more interested in the flowers young maidens give him than in the maidens themselves.”

Scripts:  -none atm-
Items Purchased: -none atm-
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Beautiful boy
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Gets nostalgic about the days where i'd keysmash on your apps of handsome perfect boys... but alas I must try not to gush :heart:

Seriously though, you have always designed some of the most stunning gijinkas and I fall in love with each and every one.
Alain is fucking precious and charming and I can't wait to see more of him.
Let's go on adventures you precious carbink son!!!!!
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I just want to say the design is marvelous :iconhipsterarielplz:
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You finished him GOOD JOB GOOD JOB!!!! :iconcoolplz:
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everything about this is so stunning
Im really impressed with how shiny his armor and shield are
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so beautiful~! *w* Can't wait to see more of him (and possibly rp~)
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