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How to paint eyebrows

By Glory-chan
Tutorial for paint eyebrows it can work on all colors except blonde </3

I forgot to say that is scholar glue o3o i mean xD with water is removed

Pues bueno sobre las cejas para los personajes rubios ...

1.- He notado que algunos la tienen negra asi que solo bajenle el volumen a sus cejas C:

2.- Me han contado de un producto semejante a un rimel de pestañas, que este sirve para hacer rayitos lavables en el cabello, pues compren rubio xD lo interesante sera encontrarlos e_e.

3.- No recomiendo que se la decoloren e_e

4.- no tengo mas ideas hahahahaha xDDDD
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Fluorescent-Floof's avatar
I want rainbow eyebrows! :la:
kawaiiDESUchan77's avatar
Thank you for the help any tips to not make the eyebrow so clumpy looking?
DranineStone's avatar
O_O you used glue????? bad bad >< so bad for your brows!!! Better to get a white eyeliner pencil and use that over your eye brows first then a colored eye liner or lip liner pencil.
HatakeKasumi's avatar
This is coming from a sensitive skinned person: Have you tried using eye shadow instead of paint? x3
Glory-chan's avatar
i believe that eyeshadow works too (:
AuthenticEm's avatar
Does this stuff wash out easily?
Glory-chan's avatar
Yes, with water ;)
AuthenticEm's avatar
Oh wow! Thanks for making this! I have to paint my eyebrows blue and this is really helpful!
Glory-chan's avatar
I'm glad that the tutorial helps you ;)
RoronoaxPhantom's avatar
orales que genial!!!... oye... cuando haras ese cos de Natsu?, curiosidad :3
Glory-chan's avatar
creo que para octubre C:
RoronoaxPhantom's avatar
LadyPlatinum's avatar
god glues a bit extreme dont u think? for my blair cosplat (purple hair) i just used a purple eyebrow pencil
XcrazyBloodsuckerX's avatar
Because some people have seriously dark eyebrows (like me) and it doesn't show up
Glory-chan's avatar
This is just a way to do it C: yeah i know the trick of use eyebrow pencil but sometimes that doesn't work for everyone :3
Tuna-Yuna's avatar
Thanks so much for the tip! But one question... can you wash this off easily with soap and water?
Glory-chan's avatar
Your welcome, yeah with water xD C:
Tuna-Yuna's avatar
Ohh! Ok thanks so much! (I feel so stupid for asking that question now! XD)
Glory-chan's avatar
No problem i'm glad that the tutorial can help you C:
Tuna-Yuna's avatar
It sure helped me a lot! Thanks again!
AFSEMsoul's avatar
que buen tip!!!
muchas gracias por darlo
lo intentare!!!
pero oye como le hacemos para el rubio entonces :O?
Glory-chan's avatar
Ya lo puse en la descripcion C:

No hay de que, me costo trabajo encontrar el metodo y pues solo comparto la sabiduria hahahahahaha xDD
AFSEMsoul's avatar
*alabanza* nombre pues te la ingeniaste bien aca!!!
gracias! por que con el rosa puff no sabia como hacerle XD

ohhh si lo del rimen ya lo habia escuchado, y si consigui uno pero no pinta bien :O
ahora el reto es encontrar uno de buena marca XD
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