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[BnHA] Hanten Rau - Profile

and finally hyena man has a name and a profile!!
I really have fun at drawing this character, so I'm glad I don't have to call him only hyena man anymore XD though I'll still call him that XD

as usual, I will expand his info as I think more about it |D

-Base Info-

    Villain name: Hanten Rau
    Real name: Noboru Kuwahara
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Affiliation: League of Villains  

    Hair Color: 
    Eye Color: Maroon
    Height: 172cm / 5'8'' (human) / 189cm/6'2'' (anthro form)


_ a little villain who likes chaos and joins forces with villain groups to earn money
_ he's smart but also a dumbass, like, he can talk for minutes, distracting people without actually saying anything important?
_ he talks too much when he shouldn't, pissing people off
_ usually stays far from the "fighting zones" unless he's required to take part as support
_ mostly chill, hanging around hideouts when others are plotting and not really contributing to plans
_ give him orders and he will execute them, but don't ask him to improvise, it doesn't end well

He was hired by the LoV to work as support in various tasks. He shall do basically everything they ask him to, as long as they pay him and give him a roof. He likes messing with Dabi, finds Shigaraki creepy, likes Spinner.
He eventually also meets Hawks?

-Quirk and Abilities-

Quirk: Beast Form

Quirk description:

He can shift from human to a hyena-like beast. He can also only turn parts of himself into hyena parts, or shift into an anthro form.
In full beast form, his mind is feral and uncontrolled and he can turn back into a human only if he gets knocked out.
His beast forms give him strength, speed, heightened senses and resistance.

The shifting to his various forms is voluntary and pretty much immediate, but the full form could potentially be triggered by intense pain or fear as a defensive mechanism. The full beast form is much bigger than an actual hyena, some refer to it as a "hyaenodon" (a monster from an RPG). 
He can stay in the various forms as long as he wants, they don't really have an effect on him.

In his human form he mostly avoids conflict because he has no real fighting skills.
If he has to fight, he mostly uses his anthro form and just use brute strength to hit hard with claws and teeth. His bite is especially incredibly powerful, it can break bones easily.
If things get serious or bad, or if he is required to add his own chaotic element to a fight, he unleashes his full beast form. He has no control over what he does, because he simply follows his animalistic instincts, that is usually really violent and destructive. In rare cases, the hyena beast will try and flee the scene if it feels endangered. That's one of the worst case scenarios for him, because if he's not knocked out, he will continue and wreck havoc wherever he ends up.

-Power: 4/5
    -Speed: 4/5
    -Technique: 2/5
    -Intelligence: 2/5
    -Cooperativeness: 2/5

_"Hanten" means "spotted", as in "spotted hyena", and "rau" it's just a fun way to spell the sound of a roar.
_ He likes canned coffee and meat.
_ His right eye was damaged in a fight and he can't see through it anymore.
_ Usually wears bigger clothes so if he shifts into his anthro form they still somehow fit. The full form just rips them out instead.
_ The dark spots he has are always the same on his human form, while they increase and change in his hyena form.
_ Quite useless in his human form. Words are his strongest weapon.
_ Likes to climb on walls and platforms to feel tall.

[BnHA] not another one... by glory-a  [BnHA] do you want to be a villain? by glory-a [BnHA] the man behind the slaughter by glory-a

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Raaccoonn's avatar

Amazing art! 😮

RuskiBoi1's avatar

So......... He's a furry?

glory-a's avatar

I was waiting for a comment like this and I'll say-

He says "I am my own fursona~"


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GIF STVFOE - Gasp Of all the MHA Ocs I've ever seen, this is definitely the best yet! I love hyenas so much and therefore I love him, he is my big favorite in your gallery, thank you very much for doing it! it looks savagely cool!

glory-a's avatar

Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! <33

I've been researching hyenas a little while creating him and they're such cool animals!

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Whoa.......he badass...

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he looks so funf2u scribble exclamation

Duuuuudeeeee I love his design and the idea behind him!!

Hearing about his beast form, it sounds really cool!

And the Likes to climb on walls and platforms to feel tall. and actually becomes more intelligent when he shifts is just the cherry on top!!

glory-a's avatar

Ah ah, thank you x3

Yeah, I'll have to draw the beast form eventually XD Once I learn how to draw a hyena XD

Yeeh, I like silly fun facts XD

Kaasumii's avatar

You're very welcome!!

I feel like hyenas are underrated animals ):

They're actually pretty cool!

They may not be the fastest, or biggest animals, but they do hunt in groups to outnumber their prey and have great stamina and strength in their jaw!

And the different types of hyenas look very different from another, which I find very interesting

glory-a's avatar

Yes!! I've always found them interesting, but working on him, I did some research and they're super cool! Both anatomically, since they're a mix of canid and feline characteristics, and habits-wise! 8D

Kaasumii's avatar


They're very unique animals and I've always adored them a lot!

It's one of the reasons I love characters that are based on something.

Because when you see a character that's based on, in this case, an animal, a lot of the times people have informed themselves and used that in the description, or curiosity gets the better of me and I look some things up myself.

I think it's awesome!

And I can't tell you enough how much I adore Hanten's design-

And in combination with his personality too!!

it's amazing!!!

PyroRyu-VR's avatar

....(will forever be hyena boy in my heart xD)

glory-a's avatar

(for me too, hyena man shall live on in our minds XD)

PyroRyu-VR's avatar

...I just realize if anyone who knows about

Hyena's....they could annoy the hell out of this poor son xD

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sooo gorgeous!!

awesome work:3

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Hyena boy is finally here !! He even have a name !!

You did really great on him and this profil description Glory!

glory-a's avatar

He does!!

Thank you <3

PunkyLuLu's avatar

Well FINALLY- jk jk, but he does look AWESOME!!

Would it be too much to ask if he and my traitor baby could be good friends, she needs more villains friends other than Himiko- ;-; 👉🏻👈🏻

glory-a's avatar

I know, I know, I kept you waiting ;P XD Thank you!!

Of course! xD

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YAY!! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
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