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This will bust the chops of some entitled kids on here but I'm feeling particularly mean today, so here's how this works.

Art is a craft.
an activity involving skill in making things by hand.
Craft involves skill, and skill requires expertise to truly become fruitful. 
the ability to do something well; expertise.
Skill requires adherence to a set of rules in order to become masterful at it.
As long as you aren't masterful at your skill, your expertise is lacking.
This is not a state of inferior existence; it's a necessary step towards becoming better. 
In all honesty, even people whose expertise is impressive, still learn new things.
They learn differently, is all.

Bottom line of Skill is: 

Practice makes (nearly) perfect.

Skill in the craft of art is in many cases more forgiving than the skill required in the craft of being an electrician.
If you screw up your perspective, your composition will suffer, but nobody will die and there will be no property damage.
Most other crafts do not allow for this liberty, which is why many people use Art as a hobby instead of being an electrician.
And it's more attractive to do.

According to some, anyway, because what's attractive is highly subjective: it is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Image result for beholder
I can't see it, but they say so anyway.
Now here comes the steep part.

People like things. Often different things than you do.

A. People often do not like what you like. This goes BOTH ways:

A.1: This applies to YOUR ART as well. So if someone doesn't like your art, DEAL WITH IT.
A.2: Not liking something does not give you the right to attack, pester, hurt others.

If you're such a sensitive little flower you can just turn off comments on your art but don't cry me a river if you draw disproportionate figures and get told anatomy doesn't work that way.
At the same time don't make comments like some of the things I see on here, seriously. Grow up.

B. If you do not turn off comments, people will comment on your art. People have the right to do this, that's how this website works.

B.1. If you do not have skill at a craft, do not expect praise.

B.2. You have the right to practise a craft as a hobby as long as you cause no damage. (Don't be a hobby electrician if you're bad at physics)
B.3. You have no right to feel offended if your skill is lacking and people tell you so. 

Study, git gud, or shut up and take it. (Or disable comments)

Feel free to hate on me for this now. 
Or stop wasting your life on overwhelming emotion and get to work on your dreams.
They are worth a lot.



Artist | Varied
I'm here to learn digital art, and to give advice in social- and personal troubles. :)

Here, have a Me!
Extended list of who the hell I am.

"I would suck as a vampire". Yeah, puns unlimited. My weird sense of humour is both offensive and hard to understand for the general population so if I hurt your feelings I was probably just kidding and I'm sorry. Or you're a jerk and sod off, whichever comes first. But in general I prefer making friends over whatever else. Ladies' man for life. I mean I'm no scoundrel I just get along with ze chix better than with other dudes somehow. My unlimited confidence and unwavering faith in love and friendship just makes me glow like a friggin lightbulb. I'm that beacon, the cliff to build on, yadda. Count on me.

Sexuality. Hetero, for sure, but I'm antisocial. You need me, I'll be here. Not to say I don't warm up to people but it takes more time than most women want to wait for that first kiss. You want me, you come after me because I'm too busy inside my own head. Give me an obvious sign though and you'll know if I'm interested trust me. I don't do fake, I only do real. So one night stands are out of the question.
I don't hate anybody, I'm not homophobic, you do you. If you want me to do you be a real blazin' hot feminine alpha female because alpha dogs like me dig that shiz.

Religion. Errrr I'm going to say I'm open to and respect culture as a whole but anyone's own personal geezus is their own thing and I want none of that. I'd consider myself somewhere near Taoism I guess, it's complicated, if you want to talk about this you better bring pizza. And something for you too :)
I generally like to think that we're here for a reason or two and we all got more to us than this shell we call our body.

I'm an s-hole. Deal with it. I love you if you love me, and if you hate me, well guess what. I don't have time to hate you back, too busy, sorry.


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