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Yep. I did it. I really did. LOOK WHAT I MADE FOR EASTER EVERYONE!!

I'm also going to release several dA Emoticon based eggs!

Oh yeah, Thanks for the Faves everyone~ :iconbigheartplz:
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Oh why thank you very much! ^^
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angry eggs!.. ... piggies better watch out
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6 little eggs on the run, they f*ck each other three goes, boom dubi dam, watch out be safe cause
3 little eggs had sex, 1 win and 2 explode goes boom dubi dam,
watch out be safe so
2 little eggs in the sun, one sleep to long goes, boom boom boom dubi dam
The Story ends with
1 little egg was blind make suicide, with pan, boom boom dubi dam,
another story come
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thats the coolest damn thing ive ever seen!
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why thank you. thank you very much. they were a lot of hard work and a ton of fun doing!
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SOPA didn't pass. Can you fix it now? :<
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The hell happened to this?....
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theres a journal on my page to go with it
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how dare hthey those stupid losers
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Well this is just a demonstration. SOPA is dead, but ACTA isn't. When ACTA is resolved I will put the deviation back to normal
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i read after i put the comment
ha ha ha
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How the hell was this image in violation of anything?
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I don't own the rights to the image of Exeggcute. I'm turning it back after ACTA fails...Or passes.
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Oh okay, well I really liked the picture, it was in my favorites, well, good luck.
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dont worry, either way it will be back
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OO You'll put it back on, won't you?
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of course. sopa is dead but pipa isn't yet. I'm biding my time
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