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"Have you ever noticed that funnies just aren't funny anymore?"
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akwildrose's avatar
This is beautifully done :)
If you want favorite is Tundra by Chad Carpenter :D
Dog-lover22's avatar
True. Especially if you're stuck with the same pages over and over.
I like Calvin and Hobbes :D
kungfu-blaziken's avatar
I say this about some of the more recent cartoons.
circuitRx's avatar
haha so truuuuee -sniff-
MikosWish's avatar
Thats true. I miss how they use to be
MandyBlossom's avatar
I have noticed. :l
greycanbehappy's avatar
Would it be alright with you if I were to print this, to hang around my room, or put in a binder to look at and enjoy?

I'd buy prints but I'm nearly broke.
swordser's avatar

Nice pic...And yes....just ain't funnie no mores
RoadrunnerKN's avatar
Oh how I miss these guys. They so need to come back.
Jaribo's avatar
put that in the pappers and id laugh
LadyHisoka's avatar
Oh my thats old a real classic:XD:

do they still make the Calvin and hobbes comics? I miss em so much!
RoseArtedErin's avatar
i love calvin and hobbes :D
Calvinandhobbesfans's avatar
That's definately something Calvin and Hobbes would do. =D Great job.
MushroomMagic's avatar
its because theres no more calvin & hobbes and farside

Dubhghall's avatar
Polarkeet's avatar
that's so awesome!
Nick-Logic's avatar
awesome tribute :)
jhawklyn's avatar
I love Calvin and Hobbes. Reruns are available at [UComics] - and framed prints can be purchased. I bought a print of [Calvin and Hobbes, musing on the meaning of life]
fox718's avatar
There's nothing like an existetialist little boy and his imaginary people eater. Lucky you for having your paper start reprints. I sadly have to stick to the collection books.
punkrockDAN's avatar
Bill Wattersons "Calvin & Hobbes" is definetly the single biggest thing that has influenced me over the years and when I was a little kid it is what made me WANT to get good at art. I still remember the days when all I thought about was making comics for a living, and Calvin and Hobbes is everything a good comic should aspire to be.
Everything I'm seeing today is just a bunch of jabbering heads squeezed into 3 or four panels and the only thing that changes from panel to panel is the txt.....I haven't seen anything that even comes close to the coolness range of the almight "Calvin and Hobbes".
And I must say that you pulled them off super here in your own way. Haha, I love the looks on thier faces trying to find something that even compares to thier own badassness. Great work buddy!! :highfive:

gloriouskyle's avatar
Turns out my favorite Sunday paper, the Boston Globe, started republishing old C&H strips on the front page of the comics section just yesterday for the first time in 10 years!
punkrockDAN's avatar
Haha, thats so awesome!

kage-neko's avatar
yeah...I've kinda noticed too.
The ONLY comic in the newspaper I find amusing is Dilbert. >_>

Nice picture.
The expressions are great.
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