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Dammmmn, I'm so sorry! I been away for a while but I didn't expect to have 2,800 notices and shittt, omg haha but I told myself I should stop with those journal up-to-date, so it's whatever but don't worry, I'm here :D....for now though haha but anyway, I been focusing on my grades and I noticed I been doodling a LOT. No, I mean, a LOT. lmaoo but it mean I missed going on DeviantArt so I decied to come on and my goooooshhh, too many things going on!!! haha DX but umm, I started to watch anime and I'm happy I had enough time to watch some anime and OMG, guys. YOU NEED TO SEE THIS ANIME!!! This is ah-mazing!!!! :D Here,!!!

SUMMARY: This anime is about horror. Each episode will consist of three stories or "dishes": the appetizer, the main dish, and dessert. The first two "dishes" will deal with an ordinary sixth-grade schoolgirl named Ako ?zora and the bizarre occurrences that befall her and her classmates. The third "dish" will be a standalone short ghost story told by Ako and her friends.
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Okay, Let me calm down, -_____- Okay, alright, my tablet is fine but...errrm, my pen isn't following my coordination came out wobbly :/ Help?? I tried re-install it and tried to clean my tablet and tried to switch new pen tip but nothing's working! PLEASE GUYS! I need help!! :<
Today, I have a IEP meeting so I'm kinda nervous. I hope I know what I'm doing for my future and the college I'm going. Oh no, I left my ipod just now! Omg, I gotta go get it! BRB (after 6 minutes)
Oh, dang man, I'm so sorry! I haven't been active for like almost a month! I'm saving all my artwork so far. When I have a break, I'll post them up as soon as I can! Yay! Gosh, this year as being a senior! I'm telling you guys, it's really stressful! College, prom, grades, and etc!! Gah! I really need a break lol.
Yesterday I went to the volleyball game. The junior varsity won and also the varsity too! We had a good time. :)
Today's the volleyball game and I'm looking forward to it and yesterday I had this weird, long story about the Vikings and gosh, it's so bizarre, lol. Today, I had another physical science and I feel like a genius though haha.
Yesterday I had to take the stupid BAT testing. It's a special practice test for checking on our skills from what we've learned in schools. Also while I wasn't in my class, my 4th period teacher had a presenter from Ai, the art institutes in school at Fort Lauderdale. I MISSED THAT! I was so disappointed that I didn't get the chance to be there. Oh well, at least I got a brochure though lol.
Oh dang it, man. This weekend got so boring. I didn't do anything except bike ride then I went to the library for some movies to watch. Some of the movies are great though because it's very compelling and based on a true story. I watched "Phoebe In Wonderland" and gosh, it's beautiful. It's about a girl who has disorder and everything she does, she can't help it. So when signed up for a play "Alice In Wonderland" it's so wonderful!
Wait a minute, this week goes so fast! I have a feeling this year is gonna go so fast. Damn man. Today's friday and there's gonna be a game tonight, and I hope I can go but I don't know. Yesterday, we had pep rally and it's not bad but really, I didn't like it tho, lol.
Ok, I have something to say that um but I forgets. But today, I had to study for physical science and it doesn't seem that hard so I hope I'll pass the test. And oh yeah, I passed my geometry test!! Yay me! I got an 90% on it which isn't half bad and I just did my extra credit homework! Double yay!lol XD
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yupppp :/
Yesterday the football game went on even though it rained and I'm surprised that they kept playing throughout the rain. Well, good thing I didn't go there cuz I would've been wet but whateverrrrr haha. So our school won and the loser's principal have to get wet by mud, and dannng, now I wish I was there so I could see it lol.
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Cheesee!!! What? I'm just smiling, wait...uh? What? Oh, no, no, no, lol. I'm not asking for cheese, haha, no, Actually, I'm smiling for the picture because we're gonna get our school ID so I hope I look pretty lol. And thennnn, oh yes, I had volleyball practice to go so I helped out and stuff, yup. I was thinking that I should join boys' volleyball but I'm not sure though. Do you think I should just try and see? Maybe I'll think I might make it but not for now though. It's like all the way in February so haha yeahhh .__.
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Dang it man. Ugh, my leg has been hurting since this monday and oh, it's so painful! I haven't taken "ICY-HOT" because that is TOO MUCH for me. No, no, no, noooooooooooooo. I remember the first time, I tried it, I freaked out and yelled "TOO COLDDDD IT COLDDDD!!!IT HAWTT IT HAWTTTT!!! no wonder they call that "ICY-HOT" >___> and then, oh yeah, I'm losing my mind on my lunch bag. Yesterday, I left it somewhere in my class and today, this morning, I left it at home in the kitchen -___- and I got locked out m__m Also we got fire drill, well good thing I turned off my ears ^__^ lmao
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Okay, okay, yes way! I'm so freaking excited in this class! Wanna know why? Give me your ear and comes closer. CUZ IMMA GONNA BE ADOBE CERTIFIED!!! WHOO!! YEAH! THAT RIGHT! Sorry, lol, I'm just excited that's all....ha....*__* Anyway it's actually called Mulitmedia and it teach you how to draw digitally and how to make stuffs and all neato stuffs 8D and use Adobe for everything: photoshop, dreamweaver, illustrator, premiere, and EVERYTHING!! Plus it's all free once I get certified! Yes! Sweet mama!!! :la: The other day we learned how to "snap" to line and open documents :D Ho, ho, ho, ho, this is gonna change BIG TIME BABY!! :la: 8D I can't talk normal right now, I just speed it up and all that stuff haha but I'm keeping the head up guys!! ;D
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Okay, let me just say this. EVERY class is so cold!! Like so COLD. So farm it's chemistry, computer and now I'm in english class and it's so COLLLLLLDDDD!!! BRR! Oh yeah, also I'm out of chemistry, YAY!!! 8DD Now I'll have physical science, it's not that bad, I guess. Then, oh yes, in computer class, I was done with my assignment so I went on crunchyroll cuz I was bored. I came across this new anime came up and I think I really like it. <3 It's called "Hanasku Iroha." I think it's about her mum and her running away in different direction so the daughter going to live in spring inns with her never-seen-before grandmother.
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There's no volleyball practice game today so that mean I'm coming home early. Why it's canceled? Because of the very, very, very bad weather, it's raining. Anyway, I did my chemistry homework, yup, that's right. I did my homework and I just drew a new character :la: today for my future anime which it's "Fun World" or it's "Goofy Circus" or what? I really need help getting a title for this anime lol. My gosh, guys help me out here. I'll post up a poll and you guys can help me by voting for the best title or give suggestions in the suggestions box. Let me know and I'll check them out :)
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Okay guys, I think this is officially settled. I thought this year would be a fun senior year but gosh, I don't know about this. But hey, I'll make it through it, ok? Today, in chemistry, we had to do a cornell notes, it's a new technique of taking note and oh my gosh, it's so long! Like more than a page and I just took what I thought was important and wrote it down. (google it) Then after that, I went to ASL 2(American Sign Language 2) and it was a lot of fun! :la: WE played "tie a knot", it's when you close your eyes and huddle together and grab anyone's hand and open your eyes, and try to get the knot. I guess I kinda like my class but let's see >__<
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Oh yeah, the title said it. Oh ayyyyye, mann, you guys knew this would come >__>

Okay, listen, I'm holdin all the current art trades right now cuz I'm in school and I'm a seniorrrrr WHOO HOOO!!!! :la: oh yeah bitchhhhhesss 8D

Anywayyy, today from now on, in my english class, we have to write whatever we want in our journal so this is gonna be a journal for you guys so you can keep updated with me so bear with me lol cuz it'll be hardd!!!

Entry 1:Why Chemistry? :<

Today I tried to ask if I can change class but I got stuck in chemistry and I didn't have a choice. So I got upset about it. Then I talked to Miss Oppong(my sign language interpreter cuz Im deaf and I need clarification for some stuffs) and she kept telling me to be positive and I was stubborn but evntually, she was right. I just have to get through it then maybe around January, I'll try to change it again. Right now, I'll just bear with it for now and see what happens.

Wish me luck!!

Okayy, I have been thinking up some really good ideas :O

I'm thinking.....why not sell my drawings in really cool stuff like: skateboard, t-shirts, shoes, book bags, hats, and other neat stuffs! Now, I'm 18, so I should be legal to sell it lmfao :la: woo! Okay, lets make a step so follow me!!

~1.Set up account(for me to sell, and for you to buy or whatever you want on
~2. Imma gonna sell some minor products for now so when people start to see it more often, and I'll get popularity for whatever the items are and then I'll move up to the next challenging products
~3. If you're interested in buying soemthing from me, you gonna have follow the instructions from number 1 so bear with me lol
~4 Most of the producrs are cheap but some others aren't so cheap .___. so go get lucky lmfaooo XD
~5. Right now, Imma gonna get started drawing and everything because Im gonna make a packs for each products cuz right now, I can't just sell one things and wait for others to be on hold so Imma gonna save them all and then when I am ready to do this super duper job, then I AM READY!!! :la:

P.S., if you're curious and wanna do same thing or whatever, go to the link here: and have a nice day!! :la:

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