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Wonderful!!!!! *_*
I'd love to see more of these.
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This is so beautiful!
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wow *opens mouth wide*
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How on earth did I miss this one? This is gorgeous! Of all the mermaid tails I've seen, this is definitely on my top ten list. (And I'm obsessed with mermaids so that is saying something.) I love the transparent spotted fins. I also love her fishnet decor. Finally, you are amazingly talented. the splashing water around her is particularly well rendered! 
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Very beautiful! I like her lionfish tail so much! Love 
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Thank you! It isn't exactly a lionfish but i don't deny that i got inspired by one. ^^
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Anyway, she looks awesome! :D
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Its so cool how you made her tail so shiny!
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thank you! Glad you like it!
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How have you done this rendering?! Your technique it's perfect!
I want draw like you T__T
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Thank you! I am still learning. My technique is far from perfect. ^^ 
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Still learning? o__O
I'm sorry, but your art is already full of fantasy, composition and has the right equilibrium of lights and colors, what do you need to learn? After more schools of art, i understood that the good component of a drawing, digital or not, it isn't the technique, but the feelings that pass in it ! 
For this i said that your technique it's perfect, 'cause has already every parts of a good illustration^^ Keep on draw! ;)
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°.° Thank you! I put a lot of effort into the composition.
It took me a day just to draw the "skatch".
Maybe it's good for what it is but there is allways a way to improve. 
I will keep it up! =)
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o.o Seriously? 
I've difficult with the digital technique, especially with contours..
Uff, i don't know how to stand out the subject with the background, i hope to manage it sooner or later!
I need of more patience to practice T___T 
I want be as good like you!La la la la 
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Practice is the key. ^^ 

If you have problems with subjects merge into the background use more values.
Create contrast. Think about your lights and shadows.  
maybe you can strat in black and white first so you don't get distracted by colors (at least with the digital technique).
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I'm using the grayscale mode, it's very difficult for me 'cause i had always drew with colors, for my eyes it's much difficult to get used @.@ 
I need more practice, you're right! I see what happens! ;)
Thanks for your advices friend! I appreciate it!^^
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Lovely poses, glorious color, great integration with the dolphins.  I'm giving this exuberant, joyous image a favorite so more people will notice it!
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Thank you very much!
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