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It's a Yoshi and kitty hybrid. :meow:
I want one! D:
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Somebody aquired the Super Bell powerup! ;P
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Or the Nyan Cat powerup !
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:icondragonwant: KSLFJL;KGJAS AAAHHHHH :heart: LOOK AT IT. DAMMIT. IT'S SO... ;A; ADORABLE! >w<
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hahaha I'm glad you like it! XD


I should draw some more cat-yoshis. :meow:
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No prob! xDD

Yes, you should! : D
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Oh so you have drawn them before :XD:
Both so adorable!~ :giggle:
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hahaha thanks. I need to draw some more yoshi for realz. He's my fav character after all. :P
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AWWWWW! *picks it up* so adorable! *pets it's cute little head*
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AAAAWWW... This is SO CUTE!! :D:D:D
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Awwww man, that's freaking adorable!! :love: I'd love to have one of those too~ :dance: ^^ Brilliant shading, I'm envious of your skills ;) :clap: especially that green....:heart:
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Woah nice one!
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CUTE!!! >W<
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I don't know if this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen or one of the most disturbing concepts ever......

Great job on your part anyways. :D
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