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Neji x TenTen: One-Shot
TenTen hummed softly as she skipped down a grassy path, her memory serving her well as she recognized some landmarks. It led to a small bare patch of yellowish grass, where one could have complete isolation from the rest of mankind, while watching the waterfall that was opposite it.
Reaching said destination, she set down the large basket she was carrying, and spread a large cloth out on the grass. She had specially prepared the basket of goodies for her old teammates and sensei. She had remembered to pack some soba - a favourite of Neji's, she recalled. She made sure not to make it too spicy.
Sighing happily, she stretched out on the cloth, and tucked her skirt under her, carefully. It had been almost 2 years since the team had got together and actually spoken more than a few hurried words, so TenTen had decided to prepare a picnic for all of them to reconcile and celebrate. A small frown adorning her forehead, she realised that even though she was now an Elite Chuunin, Neji had joine
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Mature content
Double Couple -3- :icongloomy-despairer:Gloomy-Despairer 2 28
--Dogs in my Backyard-- by Gloomy-Despairer --Dogs in my Backyard-- :icongloomy-despairer:Gloomy-Despairer 0 4
Double Couple -2-
~Kiba's P.o.V.~
I was caught spellbound by her laughter. I mean it wasn't as graceful sounding as Hinata's, or any other girl I knew, for that matter. It was just so...different. Her throaty voice made her laugh sound rough and wild. The way she was shaking and grabbing Hinata was comical too. But her stupid charms had me head-over-heels by Day 2 of our mission. I shook my head to clear it of my 'treacherous' thoughts.
"So what's so funny you guys?" Naruto asked, clearing his throat and taking a step towards the manical duo, who abruptly stopped laughing.
Togeher they faced us. Riu caught my eye and quickly looked away, muttering to herself.
I frowned. Then I saw Hinata look at Naruto, who smiled weakly at her. Blushing, she looked at me and gave me the ghost of a smile. I grinned back and winked.
" guys ready to go now?" Riu responded, studying her claws.
I smiled knowingly when she avoided the topic. I guessed that they had been talking about Hinata's never ending crush
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How it all began - NxT by tiekko How it all began - NxT :icontiekko:tiekko 251 97
Naruto Japanese Dictionary
General Language Notes
1)    Insults.  Mostly, these come in the form of impolite pronouns.  Words like “kisama” and “yarou” aren’t technically dirty names, they’re just very impolite.  Occasionally, as is the case with school children, these can become as creative as most American insults, ranging from impugning a person’s intelligence to impugning their direct genetic makeup.
2)    Plurals.  The only way of expressing plural (aside from using numbers) is with a special noun ending.  The suffix “-tachi” is the polite way of doing this; it expresses a group of things.  For instance, “Bob-san-tachi” means Bob and whoever happens to be associated with him by context – this could mean all the people sitting at the same table with Bob, all of Bob’s closest friends, Bob’s closest coworkers, or whatever.  The suffix “-ra” is the impolite/informal way o
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AT: Konoha School doujinshi 21 by Diasu AT: Konoha School doujinshi 21 :icondiasu:Diasu 248 78 -Hyuuga Neji... O_O- by CarmenMCS
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-Hyuuga Neji... O_O- :iconcarmenmcs:CarmenMCS 2,079 582
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This is my first journal. And that was the best opening line for it, eh? Well, I'll just dive into it, my inspiration coming from vazy-chan's regular Journal entries that reeally jog the foggy mind.

1) deviantART just doesn't appreciate me!! I suffer, for not one poop-bucket comments.
How am I supposed to know why you don't comment?! Do you hate it? Like it? I like to knooow!!
Advanced Critique is encouraged for a reason!!!

Well, that was my angsty journal. Now for my floopy journal:
I LOOOVE MY ICON!!! Thank you vazy204 , you're the best!!! :superglompplz: !!! She taught me that too!!! Ah, my little ff-writer-heart will burst with all this love!
Much love to FadedMind (aka GaarasGirl) and EGLPirate! You guys gimme some awesome stories to read and piss my brother off with!!!

FadedMind = I LOVE your stuff!!! Chibi drawings, dark stories...*awe-filled-gaze*
EGLPirate = your cosplays are really good (you're pretty, mainly! ^.^) and I follow "His Dreams" faithfully!!!
vazy204 = saved you for last...coz you're just the best! My first retard friend on dART. The best, I adore thee, Darth Maul. *bows*

Oh, and just in case yu guys are wondering about the title - I just really love Artemis Fowl. XD!
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aidanmeacham Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010
I made a new dA account because I wanted to start fresh (Don't ask why)

Just search 'Doctor Spud' and it should come up.

(I am sending this to everyone who watched me on my 'aidanmeacham' account.)
Gloomy-Despairer Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2010
I'm not sure if I should reply but...okay, will do! ^_^
MerianMoriarty Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks for the :+fav:! i'm glad you found my Naruto Japanese Dictionary helpful. :heart:
Gloomy-Despairer Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2010
Np, I'm learning Japanese but I didn't know half the words I thought were right, were ACTUALLY right! I was talking off my rocket xD
Thanks for this dictionary again! ^_^
Jakat123 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2010
Hai. XD Weelll that was pointless, you aren't updating D: When are you gonna draw something? XD
Gloomy-Despairer Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2010
Hey that was uncalled for! I TOLD you I don't do sh*t!!! =P
shihuoin Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2009   Filmographer
GLOOOMY-DESPAIRER i am one of the BIGGIST FANS OF YOROUICHI AND KISUKE of being acouple of cours and i heard or should i say read that you havent reach even half of the the episods and you were intrested in kisuke and yorouichi`s past i highly recommand you to skip the episods an go to ep 206 visit i always watch all the bleach episods their BUT THAT DOESENT MEAN THAT YOU SHOULDENT WATCH THE OTHER EPISODS COE THEY GIVE A LITTEL HINTS ABOUTE THEIR PAST!! btw you should read the manga you can read it at thats to me the best site to read manga and i am so glad that i found some one who thinks that yorouich and kisuke should be TOGTHER!! T_T
Gloomy-Despairer Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2009
Hahahaha!! I watch Bleach on bleachget already and I read all my manga on onemanga and mangafox anyway, lol!!
I've watched all the episodes! I'm skipping the (super-awesome) filler arc right now because it's all...meh, y'know?
Well, ever since I realized Yoruichi existed, I've been a die hard fan! ^_^

YORUICHIxKISUKE forever!! Screw Yoruichi x Soi Fon! :P
Happicism Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2009
Hey, you need to come on DA more often! We haven't talked in ages! :batman:
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