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The Martyr [Biography]

By Gloomy-Butt
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"Oh... I know gods... And I know we will have enough power... to grind them beneath our heels. If we so wished..."

Name: The Martyr
Gender: Male
Age: ???
Race: Symbiote/Host
Origin: ???
Preference: Literally anything that breathes

Likes: Power, murder, rape, and the physical or psychological torture of others

Dislikes: Anything that objects to his will

Biography OLD SUPER OLD: The Mardyr -also known simply as Martyr, Morphoison, and the Wolf King- is the product of a mutual
symbiotic relationship between the Symbiote Poison and the Guardian Orpheus. The pact between Poison 
and Orpheus that lead to fusion was formed simply out of desperation; Morpheus dying and Poison trapped in
a container only someone on the outside could break open. Once Morpheus broke Poison free, the Symbiote
fused with the guardian to keep him alive. It was only after did they realize how much potential was in the pair,
thus resulting in a mutual acceptance between the two and sharing control of the single entity Martyr.

Martyr was almost unstoppable, due to the sheer amount of power Poison and Orpheus possessed when
together, and was only able to be stopped and imprisoned after weakened by a multitude of injuries. Martyr
has three children: the Victon, Malus, and Aristo. After Martyr's escape from imprisonment, Aristo
became his eyes and ears, accompanying the Wolf King as both his son and his ally.

Martyr's voice sounds like an unholy, distorted mix between Poison and Orpheus, and has a personally
to match. He very often addresses himself as "we", and carries on conversations with himself that are actually
conversations between Poison and Orpheus. Strong enough to bend iron with ease, rip apart flesh in
seconds, form exceptional combat strategies, as well as virtually shrug off bullets and stab wounds, makes
Martyr an extremely dangerous being to confront.

Characters c) TDC-Blitzkitteh & Gloompelt
Art c) Gloompelt
Texture c) cjarofani
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