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Sad mercenary artist for hire
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Favourite Visual Artist
Shoji Kawamori, Tsutomu Nihei
Favourite Movies
Ghost in the Shell
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Velvet Acid Christ, In Flames, Psyclon Nine
Favourite Writers
William Gibson, Cari Hunter, Craig Alanson
Favourite Games
Ninja Gaiden, Silent Hill, Armored Core, Splinter Cell, System Shock 2
Other Interests
Mechs and cyberpunk

Commissions! Shameless art whoring!

Commissions! Shameless art whoring!

Art! Art! Art for all! Mechs, porn, you name it! Queue status | Slot 1 [CLOSED]| Slot 2 [CLOSED] | Slot 3 [CLOSED] | | Slot 4 [CLOSED] | Slot 5 [CLOSED] | Slot 6 [OPEN] | Slot 7 [OPEN] | | Slot 8 [OPEN] | Slot 9 [OPEN] | Slot 10 [OPEN] | Send me a note here, or my email at GloomBloomArt[at]gmail[dot]com, whichever suits your fancy. I'll draw your OCs, I'll draw you filthy smut, I do mech art, I'll even draw Naruto fanart (please don't ask me for Naruto fanart), you name it, just, let's try to steer clear of shitting dicknipples, please? Contact me, provide description of what you'd like for me to do, visual references if possible, and we'

The infinite abyss

The infinite abyss

Sphere strafing, motherfuckers! This is GOD TIER! So, the past week I've been playing one of my favorite shooters of all time. One that was ahead of its time, and one I feel got shafted in the popularity contest by objectively inferior games. Let's discuss Descent. Descent 2, to be more specific, but Descent franchise is fine, too. Back in the 90's, Descent was the reason I never got into Doom. Sure, Descent came out a year later, but I was 10 years old, I didn't know what was out and when. All I knew was that Descent kicked all sorts of ass. For those unfamiliar with the game, (you've missed out on a helluva shooter and you should head t

Sad girls in the snow

Sad girls in the snow

Now that Winter Voices is available again, I thought I might give the game a shout, finally. Do my tiny little part to allow it some recognition. Winter Voices is... it's one of *THOSE* games. Pretentious indie-stuff that takes itself way, way too seriously while gameplay leaves much to be desired. Winter Voices is a sentimental story about a twenty-something mountain villager girl, whose father dies and she embarks on a journey to scatter his ashes to the sea. It's a story about sadness, loneliness and coping with loss, and the writing goes all-out with pretentious monologues. For lack of anything better, I want to be your daughter, I wan

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GloomFlowerArtHobbyist Digital Artist
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