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Evil snowman frightens children.
big picture [link]
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not frosty,but chilling
This reminds me of the snowman from Tuomas Holopainen's Imaginarium.
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excellent expression.  Love the detal in the hat.
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To be more precise:

The self claimed author of:
Snowmans revenge by Status-At


"I couldve made it much easier for myself.
Now shut up."

DA does not support reporitng 3d party IP offringement so it may be here as an accusation.

Sorry if I did wrong but think I' right.
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I found this official image at…

and used it for a theme purpose and have now taken it off. 

Im a great admirerer of Gloom82. He has his own folder in my group :iconartpsychology:

If he hasnt sold the rights to photofacefun, perhaps if hes as petty as above police he should take action.
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Sometimes you make it easy for yourself, sometimes you do more thorogh work.
The thorough ones are keepers, the easy ones throwaways. Always with free to use copyright.

:bulletblack: This mustve been a spitting image of someone, spot on,

like a portrait really.

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P.S.: The link does not lead to an image - it's just page 1 of a Gallery of unknown size, if you maybe could add an exact link to your deviation's description, that would clear things up.
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Second image top left. Pretty girl. You dont even recognize it? Now stop.
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Sorry, it's not displayed there where I am. Could you place a unique and direct link that opens the image?
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I hope the talented mr Gloom himself can take this on his page. :)

If you google photofacefun, go to the "new" section, on that page youll find "Christmas Creep" second top left based on this image. Sorry, cant do much more for you.
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Yes - Glooms input of course could clear things up!
Where I'm located the photofacefun page does not even have a search function, displays probably different content than in your country, so I don't see the image. Maybe you even have to be a member?
Please, I don't want to drill down at that depth and join that strange site.
I'd just propose if I use a third party image I'd just link to wherever I picked it up and if it's a bad source at least I was honest about it - copyright holders even might appreciate your derivative work anyway. 
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To make this comments field even uglier and pettier. This is what it looks like. For Anton, if he has the same problem.

Christmas creep by Status-At
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I like this grumpy guy, buy do not
wish him among my favourites.


Because, I prefer 'light'.

When darkness, either dang very
dark - this guy is everyday plain feel - 
or 'rare', as in talking of things I take
more to my heart, than 'grumpiness'.

Yes, such as being alone.
This place is cold, and pretty very much 'alone'.
(Yes, there are more, of my 'favvo themes'.)

Anyhow, I like this one, and much!

Thank You,

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\( 'o')/ Hey, hey, hey! Easy!
Why so angry Mr.Snowman?

( 'v') I think you need to cool down!
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my god is this all hand drawn?
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Look your picture at the front page of Croatian newspapers Lol
Did you give 'em permission?
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what movie is it from? I remember it from a movie but I can't recall which is it
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I'm getting a Doctor Who vibe from this…
this is what I'm talking about
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